OnePlus 4 Concept Video Shows Design, Display, Dual Camera And More

OnePlus 4 Concept Video Shows Design, Display, Dual Camera And More
Screenshot: YouTube/DBSDesigning

Love them or loath them, the Chinese firm behind iconic handsets like the OnePlus One and the latest OnePlus 3T has gotten something right. With many arguing that its self-imposed “Flagship Killer” monocle is probably the most highlighted of the good things its devices represent. As for what 2017 may bring, a OnePlus 4 would be nice. But with no word from the manufacturer all we have is rumor and a video. Here’s what you need to know!

OnePlus 4 Design

One area that the majority of OnePlus owners have had little to complain about is with the design. However, OnePlus like its larger rivals can not afford to rest on its laurels. So, it goes without saying, it must continue to innovate. However, with little information to go on it has been left to third-parties like DBS designing to share what they think OnePlus may next come up with.

In the video below, they’ve shared what they think/hope the OnePlus 4 will look like and its great! In fact, that’s a little underwhelming; it’s actually amazing! According to it, the OnePlus 4 features a design which is almost unbelievable with a ultra-sleek finish.

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As for what colors may be on offer DBS Design has chosen to go for. Silver, Gold and Metallic Black which looks gorgeous with an edge-to-edge design are on offer.


Apart from the video, rumors have suggested the 4 will get a curved display. Now from the video its hard to tell if DBS Design has gone with that, so instead, it’s worth mentioning an edge-to-edge display is there! As for what size it will be, a 5.5-inch QHD panel features in the video. It’s also hoped it will offer more than the 401ppi (pixels per inch) found on the OnePlus 3T.


The information in the video isn’t as clear about the Camera as we would like it to be. However, rumors are doing the rounds which point towards a 16MP front sensor and a dual-camera setup on the rear. If accurate this would be an 18MP sensor with dual-LED flash, but, as with all rumors take this with a pinch of salt!

Chipset, RAM, Storage

As we’ve already mentioned, OnePlus prides itself in creating handsets that not only compare to other flagships but also beats them. So, for 2017 it’s expected that the Snapdragon 835 will find its way to the Chinese made device. Pack this alongside what is said to be 8GB of RAM, and 128GB, 256GB storage options and again a flagship killer will be born!

Now if you’re thinking “No way, not 8GB,” you have to remember that OnePlus is slightly ahead of the curve where RAM is concerned. Its last handset the 3T featured 6GB of RAM, and its first back in 2014 had 3GB. So, it makes sense, to assume the OnePlus 4 rumors will again push the manufacturer to deliver more!

Final Thoughts

As the video is solely based on what DBS Design wants/expects of OnePlus, we don’t think it’s likely all of what you see will happen. Instead, it’s likely that some of these design features will make it and others will not.

If we were you, we’d keep checking back, because as soon as we hear more. We’ll let you know as quickly as possible!

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