Omote Cordless Leaf Blower: Portable, Affordable, Efficient And Value For Money

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Its autumn season and leaves are falling, means it is the right time to buy a leaf blower (if you don’t already have one). There are a couple of things that you need to consider when buying a leaf blower – portability and capacity. By portability, I mean the leaf blower should be easy to carry around and capacity means it should be powerful enough to blow the leaves.  Recently, I came across a leaf blower that that stands well on both these two factors, and it is Omote Cordless Leaf Blower.

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Portability And Ease Of Use

Omote Leaf Blower is a cordless machine. This means you won’t have to struggle with the wires, nor do you have to worry about finding the power plug.

Moreover, the leaf blower weighs just 3.4 pounds (with a battery), making it one of the lightest leaf blower on the market. Also, most of its weight is positioned near the handgrip. Such positioning offers a good balance, as well as the ability to carry the leaf blower easily.

Omote Leaf Blower features a comfortable no-slip hand-grip. I was able to use the machine for a long time without tiring my arms. Also, this machine comes with detachable blowing tubes, means a comfortable user experience for people of all heights. Less weight and detachable blowing tubes, eventually means anyone in the family can use it.

So, in terms of portability and ease of use, Omote Leaf Blower gets full marks.

Is It Powerful Enough?

Omote Leaf Blower features an electric motor that gives 13,000RPM and airflow of 177 cubic feet per minute. It is certainly not the most powerful leaf blower on the market, still it helped me clear leaves (from sidewalks, garage floors and driveways), dead grass and sawdust. To give you an idea of its performance, I was able to corner dry leaves in my enclosed porch (around 20 feet by six feet) in about a minute.

Though I was also able to use it to dry the surface of my vehicle, I did felt the need for a more powerful machine.  Yes, it doesn’t pack too much power, but I believe it is perfect for the work it does. I remember having a powerful leaf blower earlier, and I once used to clear debris from the garage floor. But with so many items lying on the garage floor, it was blowing away other useful items as well.

Final Words

Omote Leaf Blower is excellent in terms of portability and ease of use and performs decently in terms of power. There are many more reasons that make this machine a go to, such as its simple one-button control. It has no complex mode, either it is off or on.

One more of its features that I am content with is its low noise that is more or less at par with that of a window AC. However, at the claimed noise level of 88db, some may consider it loud.

It’s another differentiating factor, and much appreciated as well, is that the leaf blower comes with a 20V battery (works for around 20 minutes and takes about 1 to 15 hours to charge). Many other battery-operated gadgets, including leaf blowers, don’t come with a battery, thus forcing buyers to buy it separately.

In all, Omote Leaf Blower is a compact and light weight machine that is easy to handle. It does its work efficiently, and is usable both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, at a price tag of just $80 (you can get it for even less on Amazon) it is definitely a value for money.

Disclaimer: We received this product free in exchange for an honest review.