Oil Production Freeze – Saudi Arabia Is The Villain

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Oil Production Freeze – Saudi Arabia Is The Villain

Saudi Arabia really should negotiate a Oil Production Freeze agreement where Iran can get back to producing 4 Million Barrels per day.

Oil Production Freeze
Oil Production Freeze
Oil Production Freeze
Oil Production Freeze

Russia and Saudi Arabia both need to start cutting Oil Production and not just freezing oil production at all time production highs. They should be following what the Shale Industry is doing with regard to production cuts in the United States. It is unreasonable to expect Iran after 20 years of sanctions not to be able to ramp up some production as Saudi Arabia (A fellow OPEC Member) has gained much oil market share at Iran`s expense over the last 20 plus years of international sanctions.

Oil Production Freeze
Oil Production Freeze

0:00econ matters it is April 16 2016 we’re going to talk about Saudi Arabia
0:07i think is the villain in all of this special arts to opec think they’ve been
0:13very negative influence on the rest of the OPEC member’s cartel as a whole and
0:20I think they’re wrong and they’re stipulation with the ran
0:26and here’s why so they’ve been talking a lot of rhetoric that they won’t agree to
0:33production freeze because of ran wants to get after they finally fat you know
0:38twenty years of sanctions they finally want to start ramping up production at
0:43least to get to the forum in their range and somehow is just defending saudi
0:50arabia that they’re just losing tons of market share they don’t understand what
0:55they’re not getting or some sense they don’t see it as she being on the other
1:03they’ve benefitted by the USS policy towards ran and Iraq last decade and
1:10decade-plus of gaining market share by artificially stunting both iraq’s growth
1:16in oil production and Iran so
1:21I think somebody who’s been getting a free pass for a long time and there’s
1:28talk that trek to liquidate its Treasury holdings if congress probe tutorial and
1:33September 11 attacks and it’s pretty amazing that they have a double standard
1:37and I think a lot of this started back with the bush relationship with Saudi
1:42Arabian they’ve been getting preferential treatment for a long time
1:45and pretty ironic that Bush was not all men and Saudi basically has been taken a
1:51lot of share from long time with regard to us’ foreign policy and strategy so
2:03bomb under pressure me secret pages 911 report showing Saudi Arabia financial
2:08attacks and when you really look at some of the particular there’s definitely a
2:15lot of room for discovery and I think
2:20it’s amazing the kind of free pass that they’re getting on this issue and they
2:25have for the last decade or so so many stuff
2:35articles written on this topic for instance the New York Times Free 911
2:41ties hot studies its new accusations surfaced and you can just go into this
2:46material on this subject but I think it’s amazing how r annisten so vilified
2:56when a lot of their political reaction to the you s policy that seems extremely
3:04slanted towards them some of the other countries that have actually done more
3:09harm to the us- so
3:11OPEC and the OPEC member’s Algeria Angola Ecuador Indonesia Iran Iraq
3:19Kuwait Libya Nigeria Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates and Venezuela and
3:26we look at Saudi production and basically going from the 810 five
3:33million especially when the financial crisis they went down to a million
3:37because the world didn’t need it and you can see their strategy right basically
3:44in this price for producing just as much as they possibly can and it’s a little
3:50unfair when you think a brand that somehow mean these are the pigs at the
3:55trough right here these are the pics of the truck you know they’re the fact that
4:00they wouldn’t produce when the world actually needed it
4:04they’re the reason the shale industry even came into existence basically by
4:09you know allowing prices to get so high
4:14and in fact really initially team initializing investment in you s
4:21technology that started the show revolution so crude oil production all
4:29they basically would be getting back to about 4 million barrels per day they
4:35don’t have the capacity to do much more beyond that without a lot of external
4:41investment that’s going to take a long time and they should agree to some kind
4:46of deal where and can get up to 4 million barrels and this should actually
4:51be pretty easy to negotiate but then there’s politics but if you look at the
4:56other members in opec so I actually been getting a free pass for a long time
5:03Justin opec right taking market share from a lot of people get out
5:07area right prices have gone up you know they can take advantage of any of this
5:18angola declining production Ecuador
5:25trying to get back but you can see for 100 prices are high they lost a lot of
5:32market share to saudi arabia look at Indonesia just and these these
5:42historical data from trading economics Iraq Iraq his production but look at all
5:50these years when they were basically hampered by being in wars and yes policy
5:56is probably hampered but the two world wars against iraq has probably let saudi
6:07arabia produced a bunch of market share and USA foreign policy probably cause
6:13prices to be a lot higher than they should have been by not having more
6:17iraqi production and device investment shale industry has ramped up a little
6:26bit but they haven’t gone on some huge spree seems like every country that we
6:35tackle health ins upheld in saudi arabia so they’ve been getting a free pass for
6:40a lot of help from you US foreign policy for a lot of years there’s nigeria
6:46and they have not been able to ramp up production at all it takes manager
6:51replacing higher-priced with more volume they haven’t really done much to get
6:57Qatar they’ve been having a long slide if declining production and so saudi
7:06Arabia’s taking market share from down and United Arab Emirates they’ve been a
7:13vote to ramp up production of little bit not really a difference maker here and

Oil Production Freeze
7:20then venezuela has just been struggling with their socialism initiatives that
7:27basically is kicked out a bunch of the Western companies from doing business
7:32oil companies compete companies doing business with Venezuela and you can see
7:36their production is really started to be influenced in fact that they’re sitting
7:42on the world’s largest oil reserves by some estimates and monetizing them very
7:47well at all
7:49Saudi Arabia is being very unreasonable that they should let their claim room
7:55for rent to get back up to 40 million barrels think so
7:59Rabia is really the villain here

Oil Production Freeze
8:03and I think they’re the pigs at the trough and I think the rest of the
8:08members should be pretty irritated that I think they need to be much more
8:18consider the fact that their position as a leader in ok and the fact that
8:25benefited immensely their strategies have been a cartel and intense that
8:35prices will probably higher than they should have been for much of the last 15

Oil Production Freeze
8:41and they got their comeuppance in the shale industry and I think they need to
8:47take their medicine and cut back production to at least what they were
8:56doing in 2000 thats a tan and the fact that they’re having trouble even
9:07freezing production is a little ridiculous given the fact that all
9:13around once do after being under sanctions for twenty years is basically
9:18get up to this four barrels per day level okie Dokes thats video looking at
9:25the OPEC members and their contributions to overall world production

Oil Production Freeze

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