Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Looks Exactly Like Windows Phone 7 [IMAGE]

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Nokia's Windows Phone 8 Looks Exactly Like Windows Phone 7 [IMAGE]
Source: Pixabay

Recently leaked images show that Nokia’s upcoming Windows  8 phone looks a lot like their Windows 7 phone.

This report comes from the Nokia Innovation blog, which states that the picture of the phone shown in the image will be the successor to Lumia 800, but appears to be closer in size with the Lumia 900. The website suggests that this model could could feature a 4.3 inch display just like the 900.

This rumor is probably true. Back at the 2012 CES, one Nokia executive confirmed that the company is working on a new smartphone with the same footprint as Lumia 900 but would feature a slightly larger 4.5 inch display.

Nokia Innovation also predicts that this next phone will feature a dual-core Qualcomm Chipset, expandable memory, 4G LTE connectivity, and itegrated NFC.

The Nokia Windows 8 handset is predicted to launch the first week of October, weeks after Apple’s rumored introduction of iPhone 5.

For what it’s worth, the Nokia Windows 8 phone (sometimes referred to as it’s code name Nokia Phi) might make a great gift idea for technology shoppers on a budget. Obviously, no Nokia or Windows product can ever compete with the likes of Apple or Samsung, but that’s not to say that we should write them off completely. The fact that this report even made news shows us that there is still a strong(even if small) interest in such products. This doesn’t mean that Nokia is out of the woods yet, or even that they’re near safety.

I would like to say that Nokia has a bright future, but unfortunately, I don’t think they do. In all honesty, it’s amazing that Nokia is still in the game, and is still selling smartphones in such a tough market. If the company is still around in three to six months, that will prove that they could have lasting power.

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