No Google Doodle For Indian Independence Day Celebrations

No Google Doodle For Indian Independence Day Celebrations

We were waiting for a fresh doodle to celebrate India’s Independence Day on August 15th. It seems Google just disappointed us this time, there is nothing to commemorate the celebrations, and it appears Google finds Julia Child’s 100th birthday more important.

No Google Doodle For Indian Independence Day Celebrations

Julia Child is the celebrated American chef and author, her biography is also featured in the movie Julie & Julia, released in 2009. She was born on August 15, 1912.

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Last year’s doodle on the 15th August for Indian independence day, featured the Red Fort. The Red Fort is UNESCO’s world heritage site.  India’s Prime Minister makes his national address on the freedom day from this site. We covered Google’s innovation that tied into Pakistan’s independence day, just yesterday. The search homepage was adorned with a beautiful piece of art that symbolized Pakistan’s culture and heritage.

No Google Doodle For Indian Independence Day Celebrations

While this was only the second time that Pakistan’s independence day was celebrated with a doodle, Google has been mindful of India’s independence since 2003, missing only in 2009.  The creative team came up with ideas for eight of the past years, but it looks like it was overlooked this time. Google did not join in India’s celebrations in 2009 as well, it celebrated National Liberation Day of Korea instead. Although the skipping over on Indian celebration is not hinting towards any bias or unfairness, it certainly stands out more, when special attention was given to  Pakistan’s independence just yesterday. Well it appears Indians will just have to settle with no Google goodie this time.

The ‘Independence doodles’ are region specific.

Doodle or no doodle, We at ValueWalk wish all Indians a very Happy Independence Day!

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