Third-Party Nintendo Switch Accessories Revealed At CES

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This week sees tech companies from across the world show off their wares to all who want to see them. For one Germany-based manufacturer, the opportunity to travel to CES in Las Vegas to show off its Nintendo Switch accessories proved too good an opportunity.

Snakebyte’s Nintendo Switch accessories

The company, which goes by the name of Snakebyte, has what is possibly the first announced Switch starter kit. It includes a headset with 40mm drivers, which the company says will give perfectly crisp, dynamically-ranged audio. Additionally, this headset can be easily folded, making it perfect for the Nintendo Switch and its mobile nature.

Third-Party Nintendo Switch Accessories Revealed At CES
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The starter kit as a whole includes game cases, a screen protector, a cleaning cloth, stereo earbuds and a bag to transport all of those Nintendo Switch essentials around. However, it also features something Snakebyte calls Control Caps, which are placed on top of the Switch’s thumb controls and are meant to help prevent the rubber beneath them from wearing out.

This kit is expected to be launched at the same time as the mobile/console hybrid; however, no firm date has been given.

Nintendo Switch accessories usb c
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Previously-leaked accessories

In early December, the Australian company EB Games mistakenly placed some Switch accessories on its website, and they were spotted by one eagle-eyed blogger, who quickly took screenshots before they were inevitably taken down.

There were three Nintendo Switch accessories discovered, one being a USB-C charging cable and the others being two different packs similar to the Snakebyte product we mentioned above. If you’re wondering why the Switch would use USB-C, it’s because it has advantages over older USB technology, such as its ability to transfer data at faster rates, its ability to cope with up to 100 watts of power, and the fact that both ends can be used for the same purpose, meaning that you can’t plug it in the wrong way around.

Nintendo Switch accessories starter packs
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It is possible that the leaked starter packs are very similar to the one created by Snakebyte. However, there were two distinct versions featured on the retailer’s website. One was a basic starter pack which came with a hard carrying case designed to house the Switch and up to six games.

Next was the Starter Pack Plus, which also had the hard carrying case and space for games, plus a place for headphones. This doesn’t seem as far-sweeping as the kit announced at CES, but that’s because it houses the mobile device and not a collection of extra accessories aimed at caring for Nintendo’s next console.

We’ll know more next week

Nintendo is set to announce more details about the Nintendo Switch on January 12, which can be viewed via live stream. Hopefully Nintendo will use that time to reveal the price, launch titles, specs, and launch date, which is expected to be in March. However, it’s thought that Nintendo will save some information for a second event to be held in New York the following day.

So with just over seven days to go until we know more about the Nintendo Switch, the world is taking a step back and wondering whether Nintendo will have any surprises up its sleeve. We think the information that’s already available will turn out to be fairly accurate. So don’t be hoping for a powerful device that can compete with the PS4 and Xbox One.

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