Nexus 5 Image Leaks Ahead of Official Announcement

Nexus 5 Image Leaks Ahead of Official Announcement
Photo by Domenic K.

As we know, Nexus 5 will be Google’s next flagship Android phone, and as per rumors, this phone will be launching on October 14th. As it has always happened in the past, a much-hyped device like the iPhone or the Nexus gets leaked and we get to see it even before the official announcement, and this time, too, we have leaked images of the Nexus 5, courtesy of a MacRumors forum member.

Nexus 5 Image Leaks Ahead of Official Announcement

Forum member on Nexus 5 startup

The forum member said:

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I wish i could. Google is sneaky and has ways to see where the leaks come from. They are funny too. When the phone started up it needs to be updated. Some experimental software stuff and it says you need to guard it like a ninja.

However, in one of his earlier posts, he has explained the initial impression of holding the Nexus 5.

Got to handle the Nexus 5. It is smaller than the G2. Didn’t actually measure it, but holding it in the hand it is smaller. It does feel good holding it. The black back cover feels like my Nexus 7. The screen was OK, didn’t wow me like the Note 3. The bezel is very small.

This photo falls in line with the previous leaks. It shows how Google is trying to unify the design of its family devices. It surely looks classy, and minimalist, as Google has always kept its Nexus devices.

Nexus 5 yet to be announced

Google has yet to make any official announcements about the Nexus 5, but previously in a video, which Google made to promote Android KitKat, we’ve seen a glimpse of the same device.

Yet another indication that proves that Nexus 5 is fast approaching is that the stock of Nexus 4 is not being replenished on Google’s own Play Store. It’s strange why Google would do that.

Are you ready for the Nexus 5? Do you think that this image is the real deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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