New Google Maps Are Here

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Google, at its annual I/O developers conference on Wednesday announced a new Google Maps, rebuilt from the ground up. This is by far the biggest redesign that has ever happened to Google Maps during the last eight years.

New Google Maps Are Here

What’s exciting about the new Google Maps is that users can now see the clouds hover over the world in real-time, but it doesn’t stops ther. You can also look at Earth as a whole planet from the Milky Way and see how the sun lights up the space. In a sense, we can also say that the new Google Maps brings together Google Earth and Street View into one.

When users are logged in to Google Maps, they’ll be able to see places that they frequently visit. Google gets this information from different sources like Google search, Maps history, Google+ posts and from Gmail. All this information is combined together and a personalized map is created, especially for the user. Special offers are also available through Google Maps. For example, discount offers from your favorite Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, or Starbucks.

“Everybody gets their own map, every time,” said Jonah Jones, the lead designer for the new Google Maps.

Google Earth will now show satellite 3D imagery, which was previously only available as an app to download. Now, this functionality will be available in the online version of Google Maps. This means that users can now zoom in and explore the city in 3D.

The new Google Maps gets better as you use it. When you start rating places and leaving reviews, the map starts to adapt and suggest things like restaurants you might enjoy, and more. For example, if you rate a restaurant, then it might suggest nearby restaurants that you might also like. It auto learns from you – the user.

New Google Maps Are Here

The new Maps also has improved public transit directions, such as a schedule of departure times, comparison with driving times and personalized directions. You can re-route directions based on traffic conditions as you see them on the map and then select the quickest way to your home. The new Maps basically tries to be a GPS killer by the introduction of this feature.

Google is slowly planning to launch the new Maps to users, starting with conference attendees who will get the first chance to try it out. After that, users who request an invitation would be able to get their hands on it. Visit this preview link and request an invite now.

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