New Apple Software To Give You More Privacy

New Apple Software To Give You More Privacy
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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is releasing a new software that offers more information and gives more insight into which apps are tracking activity with or without a user’s permission. This new software gives user’s an opportunity to give their permission first, which may be harmful to small businesses.


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Jude Lee, a software architect, and App expert offered his insight on how to help protect privacy, which privacy leaks to look out for, and where the tracked data is ending up:

Is there something EVERYONE should be putting their settings to, to protect their privacy?

In my opinion, the best thing you can do to protect your privacy from cybercriminals is actually to have random passwords for your various accounts. This may seem trivial, but it is probably the most secure effort on your part to firm up your security and privacy from cybercriminals. Using a password manager such as LastPass could help you maintain random and secure passwords across multiple devices. The truth is you can’t guarantee or control the security of the various apps that store your credentials. Unfortunately, not all apps out there follow the best security practices. Sometimes, a person may fall victim to a phishing scam that steals your personal credentials and information, and if you have been using the same password across many different accounts, this can open up a huge vulnerability to your privacy security. There are also other security measures to consider if provided by the app, such as 2FA (2-factor authentication), biometric sign-in, etc. These can significantly increase the strength of your account security. Also, always double-check the apps’ permission settings to see if it’s essential to give such permissions or consider only allowing it when using the app. Some permission settings could yield control over your device if it contains malware. I would recommend having it at the lowest setting for all apps unless it’s indispensable.

What is the single biggest privacy “leak” on your iPhone?

iPhone tends to focus on the strength of its security from malware. However, it did have known security vulnerabilities in the past. One of the vulnerabilities came from its native mail application. Classified as remote zero-click, this potentially allowed hackers to scrape your personal information through the app’s bugs.

Are most of these app settings that track just providing data to big companies?

For the most part, I think big companies like Facebook and Google are predominantly using it. However, no one can be sure who gets access to this data, especially if lesser-known or unknown companies collect it. The moment you grant permission for your data to be tracked, it can be dispersed to various sources that you do not know.”

Article by Jude Lee, App Developer and Expert at


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