Netflix, Inc. Viewing On PlaySation And Xbox Drops

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Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)’s popularity on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One is dwindling, according to a recent survey. In a recent study from GfK, posted on Game Politics, it was revealed that even though gaming consoles remains the most prevalent method of watching Netflix, its popularity has dropped comparatively over the past three years.

Interesting stats on Netflix

According to the report entitled as “Over the Top TV 2014,” 27% of the subscribers who watch Netflix preferred to stream the contents over a dedicated set-top box such as Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast. This is a hike of almost twice from 2013, and almost five times since 2011. The report revealed that streaming Netflix on video game consoles through Xbox, PlayStation or even Wii U has dropped 43%, which is below 62% from 2011.

The report, also, revealed the method of Netflix watching on TV by three generations. The Baby boomer generation, aged between 49 and 64, prefer to watch Netflix through a built in app on their TV set. In Generation X between 35 and 48, 42% prefer to watch on video game consoles and 44% go for TV content. Generation Y (between 13 to 34) prefer to watch Netflix over PlayStation or Xbox, keeping Apple TV at a distant second option.

Smart gadgets to blame

One of the reasons for the decline in streaming of Netflix over the consoles is the advanced dedicated devices coming with digital content distribution platforms such as Samsung’s Smart TV, which comes with in-built Netflix streaming.

To some, video games are the least competent source of streaming Netflix in the current situation. Subscribers would go for simpler and smaller devices such as Roku; Google Chromecast priced at $35 is another efficient gadget. Perhaps, Smart TVs are the undisputed leaders when it comes to simplicity, with no additional hardware needed with just a WI-Fi code enough to stream Netflix.

“The wide variations in devices used – and in preferred device by age – speak to a need for Netflix and other SVOD providers to optimize the user experience for each situation,” said David Tice, SVP of GfK.”

GfK report comes just a few days after the revelation that Netflix’s rival Verizon’s RedBox service has decided to close down. Services like Amazon Prime and Hulu are also trying to allure the customers with unique user interface as well as unique content.

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