Mouse Acting Weird? Use This Extension To Surf The Web Without Mouse

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Computer peripherals like Mouse can sometimes stop working or they may start acting weird. Many times the click functionality of the mouse stops working. When you want to surf the web with such a mouse, then your browsing experience won’t be that pleasant. If you’re using Chrome browser, then here’s an extension that can help you surf the web without using your mouse.

Enter DeadMouse, as the name suggests, this extension is a life saver when your mouse is dead or stops working. With this extension, you can surf the web with just your keyboard, and mouse is not required at all. (mouse is only required when you’re installing this extension).

This extension is very simple to use. After installing it, there’s no need to do any additional settings. Just start typing the text of the link on the page and that link will start wobbling, just like the image below. If that’s the link that you want to open then simply press “Enter”. To open that link in a new tab, then press “Shift+Enter”.

Mouse Acting Weird? Use This Extension To Surf The Web Without Mouse

If the wobbling starts and you don’t want to open that link, then you can reset this by pressing the “Esc” key.

Sometimes you can find the same text multiple times on a web page. In such a case, you can press the “Tab” key to switch/cycle between those matches.

You just have to start typing the first letter and the link will start wobbling. Yes, its this simple.

Some of you might be keyboard shortcut fans and you may not want to touch the mouse again and that’s where this extension can help you. Go try it out from below link.

Install DeadMouse extension from Chrome Web Store.

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