Microsoft Surface Tablet Rejected By Majority of Americans [SURVEY]

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Rejected By Majority of Americans [SURVEY]

According to an online survey by CouponCodes4u, 59% of tablet owners would not even consider switching to a Microsoft’s Surface. The survey was conducted online among more than 1,500 Americans between the ages of 21 and 35.55% of tablet owners surveyed owned an iPad, 23% owned an Android tablet and 12% owned the BlackBerry PlayBook. Brand loyalty was cited as the most major reason by as many as 41%, for not switching to Microsoft’s Surface.

Survey may act as a roadblock in Microsoft’s effort to intensely promote its Surface tablet. Microsoft has been so secretive about its tablet that even its OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) did not have any idea until Microsoft plan a launch event of the tablet. Microsoft unveiled a 9.3 millimeter-thick magnesium slate Surface tablet to be powered by Windows 8, during a press conference in Los Angeles, California last week. In terms of software, Windows RT brings some cool new capabilities to the tablet form factor, including the ability to run two apps on the same screen simultaneously. As per Acer founder Stan Shih, Microsoft’s goal with the Surface isn’t to find success as a hardware vendor. Instead, the launch is a ploy to encourage adoption and innovation among its vendor partners. Some of the experts feel that Surface is an iPad copy. As per the reports the Windows 8 Pro Surface would be priced at $800 or more, making it significantly more expensive than any other branded tablet currently on the market. It means that Microsoft’s cheapest tablet will be at minimum $100 more expensive than the cheapest Apple iPad.

Even the Former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins concluded the same as the online survey, earlier this week  “I don’t know that customers are begging for a Microsoft-based system. They are very happy with Apple and very happy with Android,” Rollins told Bloomberg in an interview. “The one thing going for Microsoft is they do have a large corporate base.”

Even though questions have been raised previously on the survey methodology of the CouponCodes4u yet what it has done is heat up the already hot topic of Microsoft vs. Apple.

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