Microsoft Reportedly Working On New Keyboard For Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft Reportedly Working On New Keyboard For Windows Phone 8
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According to a WMPoweruser, Microsoft is working on a new keyboard for their next Windows phone. The new keyboard reportedly features a curved layout that was made for one-handed typing. The virtual keyboard is curved and the small keys are grouped together where they resemble the old T9 keyboards with the exceptional difference that it’s a virtual QWERTY keypad.

Since the smartphone used in the demonstration was an HTC Trophy, this could indicate future support for support for Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft just announced Windows Phone 8 last week,which unfortunately made a lot of current Windows phone owners mad,  as they admitted they wouldn’t upgrade current models with the latest software. Later on, they did announce a small software upgrade for select phones that would allow users to navigate their phone via a new home screen with resizable tiles while accessing more apps.

Microsoft’s new keyboard is a very unique and innovative design but I think the real question here is will it catch on? I think if Microsoft take the time to continually test out the project and make necessary edits to prevent glitches, it just might turn out to be successful. I think the biggest concern regarding this project now is if people will actually like using this kind of keyboard. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s innovative in design but it doesn’t appear to be practical. I would imagine that it’s kind of hard to type with on hand, even more so with a small virtual keyboard that features buttons with three or four letters/numbers/symbols each.  I think most people want something that’s going to be easy to use and this design might require a learning curve. We will have to wait and see what happens next. Microsoft could surprise us and this new keyboard could be a huge success.

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