Microsoft Redesigns Bing in Challenge to Google for Search Marketshare

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Microsoft Redesigns Bing in Challenge to Google for Search Marketshare

Microsoft wants to give their search engine Bing a makeover in hopes of making the experience more social.  They will introduce their new design on the web in a few days and on the mobile web weeks later.

It’s reported that Bing’s new design will feature a search page that’s divided into three parts: a large panel with search results, the other column features related tasks (like maps and reviews),  and the final column will show similar content  from friends if it matches the query.  Bing will tap into various social networks like Facebook.

Later on today, Microsoft will show off their new design for Bing at a meeting in San Francisco.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) already integrates data from their social network Google+ in search engine, so it only seems fitting that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) takes a similar approach to compete.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) first introduced Bing a few years ago as a new way to search in hopes to compete with the likes of Google and Yahoo. So far, it has yet to make an impact as the California-based tech giant still garners 66.4 % off all internet searches. The good news is Microsoft did gain some ground in the search market in the United States at least. In March of 2011, they counted for 13.9 percent and this year it’s up to 15.3%.

At first glance, a search engine seems like such a mundane application but in reality, it’s really not so easy to create a search engine that goes beyond the expectations of most internet users. Indeed, Google has seemed to master the art of creating the (almost) perfect search engine but you can’t blame Microsoft for not trying.  Perhaps it’s only a matter of time until they come up with a stellar idea that takes them to the top, until then we will have to wait and see where Microsoft takes the new Bing.


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