Microsoft Plans To Integrate Kinect With Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft Plans To Integrate Kinect With Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Kinect interface has been quite popular on their Xbox console and the company has recently added the platform to its Windows operating system. Now rumors abound that the company is going to add Kinect functionality to its new smart phones. The rumor suggests that the technology will be available on the upcoming Windows phone 8 which is expected to be released after the company’s tablet and PC operating system Windows 8 which will premiere later this year. The news was reported by VR-Zone this week.

VR-Zone got the news from an unnamed source it says is close to the company. According to the source devices on the Windows platform will have the processing capacity to deliver Kinect. Since the advent of Apple’s Siri alternative interfaces have become popular and much more interesting to consumers. Microsoft’s Kinect offers a different type of interface offering both touch and voice contol. If the device migrates well to mobile device Microsoft will certainly use the innovation to their advantage and it could be very important in deciding the future of the market.

The company faces challenges in actually getting a phone that can deliver the hardware needed for a Kinect system. The Kinect operates using three cameras, on of which is infra red. There isn’t much space on a smart phone to implement the platform. The hardware issues may be overcome by Nokia, the company that signed a deal with Microsoft to become the preeminent manufacturer of the company’s phones. Because of the concentration of that company on the Microsoft’s platform they may develop a line of devices with Kinect capability.

Windows phone 7.5 is becoming much more notable recently as the media have rallied behind the Nokia Lumia 900 as an alternative Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile operating system is still primitive compared to its competitors latest iterations. The company is playing catch up and differentiating itself from the other by including the Kinect system in its phones could be a boon to the company’s sales. Kinect has been incredibly popular among the modding community who have seen the possibilities in the technology. The games for the motion sensing device have been less than brilliant in the eyes of critics. Microsoft’s expansion into the PC realm and the possible mobile applications will hopefully attract developers to improve on the commercial use of the fantastic technology.

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