Billionaire Michael Moritz: Investing, Sequoia And Leadership

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An interview with billionaire Sequoia venture capitalist, Michael Moritz. In this interview, Michael discusses his investment philosophy in startups and qualities he looks for in entrepreneurs. Michael also talks about leadership and how to keep other motivated.

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Billionaire Michael Moritz: Investing, Sequoia And Leadership


Probably in the end I've been doing what I do for well over 30 years. All of Secoya and many of the people who work at Secoya have been with us for many years as well and find great satisfaction in what they do. I think part of it's the thrill of the chase particularly when we find a small company or an individual someone like you Eric who is on a mission to do something extremely special. And usually we meet those people very early on when most of the rest of the world is quite satisfied or in a state of dissatisfaction with whatever it is whatever service they're using from other established very large companies and nobody expects this founder or old pair of founders Jerry and David back at the beginning a Yahoo. In 1995 set up in a small little trailer on the Stanford campus or you when you or you and your cofounders when you start a Web Bexhill when you started to. Nobody expects you to succeed. And so it becomes a test of will to see whether or not we can conquer the general perception. And every time we find somebody like you or others where we feel they're on a mission it becomes a personal quest to do absolutely everything that we can to help them succeed to help a company succeed to help our investment flourish. And if we succeed and we gradually take the company gradually takes over a marketplace begins to have a profound impact on lots and lots of people and is a great place for people to work has very satisfied customers.

And then as a result of all that becomes a financial triumph as well there's nothing more thrilling because we've defied the odds. And that's why I at least love being involved and love continuing to be involved in the formative years of young companies also. And I think particularly when the founders learned how to deposit a check they do have a bank account. And I think that those that you Lensmen that you made you know like a Google Yahoo. Seeing how Bendavid all of us have a limited award of beta please. So among those companies which companies.

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