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Since people ask whats going on at ValueWalk Premium so below on Marble Arch is an example. Hedge fund closing is not the typical piece we do – that is because these stories require a quick trigger and robust verification before running. Funds tend to deny or not comment on these stories – i.e. when Blackstone outright lied to us about shuttering a dozen hedge funds and blatantly denied it, the story was reported a month later, so we had a very early scoop thwarted by falsehoods in various units at BX.

Note: That was NOT the case here, Marble Arch did not lie, that Blackstone case is atypical, but funds tend not to be helpful on articles like this. Anyway, these are the types of stories you will read on ValueWalkPremium- hedge fund operations, fees, positions, conferences and more.

This story ran yesterday and WSJ confirmed today.

News of the closing was first reported by industry website ValueWalk.

See an excerpt from the piece below. Full article here.

It is a different world from the point when billionaire investor Julian Robertson first perfected his investing style. The Tiger Management founder was known to consider a macro outlook when making trade filtered down into individual stock selection. This strategy worked well during the pre-internet age. Nearly 18 years after his hedge fund was closed and he produced a litter of “Tiger Cubs,” hedge fund managers who learned the art under Robertson, the strategy finds a very different market environment. As computers pour over mountains data to find elusive alpha, some of the Tiger strategies have been having trouble. Marble Arch Capital, a distant Tiger relative, could be the latest of such hedge funds, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter.

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Marble Arch is undergoing significant changes, a source familiar with the fund’s operation told ValueWalk. The email addresses of multiple top executives have been deleted, and key executives are confirmed no longer at the secretive hedge fund, including Peter Freer, the former chief operating officer.

Letters had been sent to the fund’s limited partners Monday night breaking the news of the closing, according to the source. The fund is expected to close as of June 30. ValueWalk did not review the letter.

When reached and asked if the fund was closing, Drew Garrabrant, the fund’s director of operations and analytics, had “no comment.”

Until recently the fund had significant assets under management to support operations. Marble Arch stated it was managing just over $2.4 billion, according to a March 29 regulatory filing, but the firm had recently been suffering from redemptions, according to the source.

Marble Arch was founded by Scott McLellan, who previously worked at Hound Partners founder Jonathan Auerbach, who worked at Tiger. The two fund managers had consistent styles, according to Novus, a fund research company.  When comparing Marble Arch to Hound Partners on their 13F regulatory filings, which only disclose long positions, they discovered a 60% position overlap between the companies.

Read the full article here.

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