John McAfee To Be Released From Guatemala Detention Center

John McAfee To Be Released From Guatemala Detention Center

John McAfee, the antivirus pioneer, will be released from a Guatemala detention center, after the ruling from a judge that his detention was illegal. McAfee was detained in Guatemala after his whereabouts were accidentally revealed in a photograph published by a magazine.

John McAfee To Be Released From Guatemala Detention Center

“A Guatemalan judge has just ruled that Mr. McAfee was detained illegally. He will be released from detention at the central immigration center in Guatemala City tomorrow morning,” says a post. “It is believed he will be allowed to return to the United States”.

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Judge Judith Secaida also said that MacAfee should be granted 10 days to straighten out his immigration status. McAfee’s lawyer, Guerra, said that he is looking forward for his client to be freed by Thursday or Friday and expects McAfee to return to the United States immediately. McAfee earlier expressed his wish to return to United States and live his “declining years” in peace.

“It’s a victory because the government wanted to send him back to Belize,” said Guerra in a phone interview. “With this kind of resolution, they cannot do it”.

In an interview, with Sky News, McAfee said that he is 100 percent sure that he will soon be returning to United States.  “I think perhaps today but, you know, when you’re dealing with the legal system you can never be sure, but as I understand it, I just met with immigration officials about half-an-hour or so ago and there should be news out later today, and it should be today,” he said.

Guerra said that if someone enters Guatmela illegally, he has the right of 10 days, according to Guatemala law, to establish immigration status. “There is no crime in coming without any visa. If there’s not any crime, the immigration office has to release him”, Guerra said.

McAfee was arrested after he entered the country illegally, to evade Belize Police who named him a “person of interest” in the murder case of his neighbor, American businessman Gregory Faull.  Belize police said that they need McAfee only to answer some questions. McAfee said that he would be killed if caught by Belize police.

Raphael Martinez, a spokesman for the Belize police department said he is waiting to see what happens. “Personally,” said Martinez in a phone interview, “I’d say if he’s not returned to Belize by Thursday or Friday, the chances of him coming back here are very slim.”

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