John Malone on Netflix Vs TV [VIDEO]

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John Malone, the billionaire aiming to consolidate the U.S. cable industry, said he doesn’t see Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE:CVC) as an appealing target because it’s entrenched in the New York market, giving it less room to grow. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

John Malone on Netflix Vs TV [VIDEO]

John Malone video embedded below


He shares his experience today.

He spoke at the one young world summit for future leaders.

All of the participants are under 25. one of the most important images in the world, other than music, sports.

Everybody understands sports.

There are lots of questions at me.

Why it was possible at such a young age to do something like that.

We talk about youth unemployment, how difficult it is in Europe, Africa, in Asia and the u.s. something that a lot of chief executives tell us is they’re looking for workers that are focused.

What is your answer when people say, Boris, how did you do it?

Believe when no one else believes in you.

Expect the unexpected.

Go ways were no one has walked before.

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