John Burke – 12 Simple Solutions To Save America

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John Burke serves as the President of Trek Bicycle Corporation. John joined Trek Bicycle Corporation, which his father founded in 1984, and has been its CEO since 1997. He served as chairman of President George W. Bush’s President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. John is an avid cyclist who has finished Ironman Wisconsin twice as well as completing the Boston and New York Marathons.

John Burke – 12 Simple Solutions To Save America

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Five Good Questions:  

  1.  You describe yourself as independent, and it’s clear you don’t care which side of the aisle an idea comes from if it makes sense to you.  How do we break the stranglehold the two parties seem to have right now?
  2. If you could make only three specific changes, what would they be?  What are the prime movers we might focus on to make the biggest differences?
  3. It seems like one party wants to “do more with more” and one leans toward “do less with less.”  With technology constantly increasing human capabilities, how come no one is saying “let’s do more with less”?  Is a low-performance government just a given?
  4. Is Social Security truly fixable?  Or will we just default slowly through printing and watering down our fixed liabilities?
  5. What can we do to fix a tax code that so clearly plays favorites and is overly complicated?

12 Simple Solutions to Save America by John Burke

12 Simple Solutions to Save America – Description

12 Simple Solutions to Save America by John Burke

A nearly $19 trillion debt. A 74,600-page tax code. An increase in global temperatures. A broken Social Security system. These are just some of the problems plaguing our nation. While politicians are quick to offer lip service, they are slow — or non-existent — with solutions. Americans are frustrated with the lack of leadership as evidenced by Congress’ 10 percent approval rating. Now is the time for simple, bold changes that will alter the direction of this nation. Drawing on more than three decades of business experience, John Burke applies his tested problems-and-solutions approach and independent thinking to tackle the complex problems that America faces. In 12 Simple Solutions to Save America, Burke proposes concrete solutions to fix these issues and challenges Americans to resist the status quo and change what elected officials are unwilling or unable to change. Americans have a civic duty to make the tough decisions that improve the lives of citizens over the long-term. It can be done, but it will not happen by accident.


Just finished the book. You nailed it. It ought to be required reading in every high school and college civics and political science class. The lack of real political leadership in the US today is truly appalling. We need to cultivate and promote effective leaders that view the status quo as a huge crisis that demands a call to action with a simple plan. Leadership that can stand up to the special interests, money, and professional politicians to create a truly compelling vision that can create “a more perfect Union”. Thanks for the effort that you put into the 12 Simple Steps. We need to get it in the hands of people that can use it as road map to challenge and change the current political Twitter based political environment. Way to go. –Brad Binkowski

Wow, I couldn’t put the book down, and finished it in a day. I loved everything about it. You take on all the sacred cows, but most importantly offer solutions.Congratulations on a fabulous, meaningful, and hopefully impactful book. –Doug Buth

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