Is Microsoft Surface Priced at $599 a Good Buy?

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We earlier reported that Microsoft Surface RT Tablet is expected to be priced at $599. There’s a hot debate going on whether $599 is really a good pricing spot that the company chose or should they have priced it as per iPad, which is their closest competitor.

Is Microsoft Surface Priced at $599 a Good Buy?

For now, we can assume that the Microsoft Surface tablet comes with Touch Cover / Type Cover. If $599 pricing includes the cost of the cover then this pricing seems to be justified. iPad third generation 32 GB with WiFi is priced at $599 and if we add the price of Apple Wireless Keyboard which is $69, then the total comes at $668, which is higher than the RT model. Here, we have compared the 32GB model of iPad (as Surface comes with options of 32GB and 64GB). iPad 16GB model can be bought at a price of $499, which is of course cheaper than the 32GB model.

Touch cover for Microsoft Surface comes in five different flavors (colors). The ‘Type Cover; offers a traditional typing experience where keys need to be pressed. However, Apple’s iPad doesn’t include this option.

Surface RT model comes preloaded with Microsoft Office, while iPad doesn’t. iPad also does not comes with touch cover and a physical keyboard. These additional features definitely acts as plus points on Microsoft’s side.

Windows 8 ARM Surface Model
Storage: 32GB
Cover & Stand: Bundled
Keyboard: Bundled
Office: Bundled
Total: $599

Apple iPad (Third Generation – 32GB)
Storage: 32GB
Cover & Stand: + $49
Keyboard: + $69
Office: + 30 (iWorks)
Total: $747

By looking at the above price comparison, Microsoft Surface wins. However, apart from pricing and hardware, there’s one more important thing that Microsoft will need to score on – Software. Users would ofcourse long for a tablet that runs smoothly, does not lag much and runs applications as per user’s need. Will Microsoft have large variety of apps when these tablets land in stores? The company will need to compete with iPad’s 225,000 app offerings. Let’s wait and watch the show to know what Microsoft has got for us.

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