iPhone5 Is Worst Of The Top Smartphones: Consumer Reports

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Despite its huge success, not everyone is mesmerized the iPhone 5, the smartphone which has revolutionized the tech industry and made Apple the company it is today. Unfortunately Apple has inspired their competitors to create a range of similar products, some of which have become successful.

iPhone5 Is Worst Of The Top Smartphones: Consumer Reports

Interesting enough, the Apple iPhone has garnered the “best smartphone” title for the last five years. Although the sixth generation Apple phone still made Consumer Reports’ top smartphone list, it was still ranked as the lowest of the top smartphones.

Consumer Reports has yet to share the numbers behind their findings, users can read the full report in the February issue of Consumer Reports magazine.

The iPhone 5 ranks in the bottom of the top three smartphones for AT&T and Sprint, but its not even listed in the top three for Verizon. It received a total score of 77 for AT&T and 75 for Sprint.  The other smartphones that made the list were; LG Optimus G (number 1 for AT&T and Sprint), Samsung Galaxy S III (number 1 for T Mobile, number 2 for AT&T and Sprint, number 3 for Verizon),and  HTC One S (number 2 for T Mobile).

Despite its low ranking, the iPhone 5 still remains to be a big seller. Moreover, there’s already a lot of anticipation for the next generation iPhone which some claim may come out as early as this summer. If these current rankings are any indication, Apple may need to make some serious changes with their next smartphone.

Like its predecessors, the Apple iPhone 5 was received well. Even the iOS 6 maps program gaffe didn’t deter sales or interest in the phone. Not surprisingly, Samsung’s Galaxy S III has proven to be a strong competitor for the iPhone and this report will likely fuel the war.

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