iPhone X Pre-Orders Start Early For iPhone Upgrade Program Members

iPhone X Pre-Orders Start Early For iPhone Upgrade Program Members
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There’s some good news for those of you who may be members of the iPhone Upgrade Program: it looks like iPhone X pre-orders Start a little early for you. To be clear, you will still have to place your iPhone X pre-order on October 27th just like everyone else. However, you will get a chance to move seamlessly through the checkout process if you are a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program. This could be a big deal if you are wanting to get your hands on the iPhone X when it is released on November 3rd as a lot of analysts are expecting the limited stock of iPhone X units to run out quickly. Of course, this will leave a lot of potential buyers pretty disappointed.

iPhone X Pre-Orders
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How Do You Get A Head Start On Your iPhone X Pre-Orders?

So, how does the process work? How exactly can iPhone Upgrade Program members make sure that, when iPhone X pre-orders start, they have a bit of a head start on other buyers? First, obviously, you have to be a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program. This means you already need to be an iPhone owner. Next, you will want to download the Apple Store app. Using this app you will be able to sign in and then select the model of iPhone X that you want to pre-order. The app will tak you through the pre-approval process for the model of your choice. This is huge because it means that when you are pre-ordering your iPhone X on October 27th you won’t be stuck in the excitement and frenzy of trying to place a pre-order from beginning to end with the millions of other people doing the same thing at the same time. Instead, you will have already done all of the leg work and the process should be much faster.

If you bought an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus then this process is already familiar to you as Apple offered the same advantage to users who were upgrading to those models.

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The iPhone Upgrade Program is a great program for those who like to upgrade to the latest and greatest model every year. It allows you to upgrade to the newest model at launch while spreading out the cost of the new device over 12 months. The downside is that you do have to hand in your old iPhone when you make the upgrade. This obviously isn’t the program for those who like to give their old device to family or friends. You will also have to visit an Apple Store to make the final swap for the iPhone X. That’s not ideal if you don’t live near an Apple Store and may put a damper on your pre-order hopes.

So, do iPhone X pre-orders start early for anyone? Technically, no. However, if you are in the iPhone Upgrade Program then you can enjoy a head start on the pre-order process. The idea is that being able to skip all of the red tape when pre-ordering an iPhone X will help increase the chances you are able to get one of these hot devices when pre-orders open on October 27th. Now you just have to scrape together the $999 to buy one!

Your Thoughts

Are you a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program? What do you think about the iPhone X pre-orders starting early for these people? Is it fair or should Apple let everyone have an equal chance to get an iPhone X? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us if you are going to be one of those trying to secure an iPhone X on October 27th.

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