Owners Report iPhone X Bluetooth Connectivity Is Unstable

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If you are one of the iPhone X owners who are unable to connect your lovely device to another Bluetooth device, you are not alone. Many people have reported having iPhone X Bluetooth connectivity issues on Apple’s support forums and social media sites. While a number of users managed to sort of fix the issue by resetting their device, many others are still experiencing the problem and can’t find a solution.

iPhone X Bluetooth connectivity problem started after iOS update

Some users have sought official help for the iPhone X Bluetooth connectivity problem on Apple’s support forums, where they listed the problem and are waiting to gain helpful information, whether from a forum official or other users who might have fixed the issue. Right now, there are about 177 iPhone X owners who clicked the “I have this question too” button below the post written by user stretto, which reads, “My Apple watch and Bose headphones won’t connect.”

Apple’s official support forum is not the only place where affected users expressed their concern for the Bluetooth problem on their iPhone X. Some users talked about the issue on social media, especially Twitter. Many users of this platform mentioned the problem with connecting or maintaining a Bluetooth connection between their iPhone X and various Bluetooth devices.

Considering that users are experiencing problems with a different set of devices, it is believed that the problem originates from either the iPhone X hardware or the version of iOS that is running on it. It has happened to users who have an iPhone X running on iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.

Apple hasn’t publicly announced that there is an issue with Bluetooth connectivity. However, there are far too many users experiencing the same issue. It is important to note that the company started replying to tweets and is asking users to message them and explain the problems they have in detail.

Do you have iPhone X Bluetooth connectivity issues? Let us know in the comments.

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