iPhone X Bentley Edition Offers Luxury Upgrade To Apple’s Latest Flagship

iPhone X Bentley Edition Offers Luxury Upgrade To Apple’s Latest Flagship
Image source: Techmaniack/Instagram

The Apple iPhone X is the most expensive mainstream smartphone on the market, but the team at Golden Ace Geneva has managed to make it even more pricey with the iPhone X Bentley Edition.

The iPhone X Bentley Edition

If you have a serious amount of money and want to elevate a more premium device to the next level, the iPhone X Bentley Edition may be for you. With a run of only 100 units, it may be difficult to get your hands on the device, and considering the specifications and upgraded aesthetic, you’ll likely be paying a pretty penny for the privilege.

While we haven’t been able to find a specific price tag, we expect the iPhone X Bentley Edition to be a very expensive buy. With a “Special Edition For Bentley” write up on the rear of the phone with 18K gold trim on the sides and near the camera, the iPhone X Bentley Edition represents the ultimate in luxury.

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The iPhone X Bentley edition adds some premium aesthetic to an already impressive phone, but what exactly made the iPhone X the target of this 18K gold upgrade? The fact remains that the iPhone X is perhaps the most innovative phone on the market, and it’s also the fastest selling iPhone in history. While the iPhone X Bentley Edition is extremely expensive, it’s sure to sell pretty much all of its limited run due to the combination of a luxury aesthetic with a luxury device.

Innovation From Apple

With FaceID, Apple innovated in a smartphone arena that had become largely iterative. With yearly release schedules for the majority of smartphone companies, most Android phones were offering moderate power increases each year which made the decision to upgrade from the previous generation questionable at best. With something brand new to offer, the upgrade from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone X was substantial, and this willingness to take risks paid off big for Apple. While iPhone X sales are starting to slow, the phone remains a massive success and a testament to doing something new with a major flagship release.

The iPhone X Bentley Edition will be limited both by price and by its small initial run, but there’s no doubt that there’s a demand for luxury electronics. By taking this piece of excellent smartphone technology and making it more expensive and luxurious, Gold Ace Geneva will have managed to take a device that’s already too pricey for the majority of people and make it into a handset reserved for the elite.

As mentioned above, there isn’t a price listed online just yet, but you should start saving if you’d like to get your hands on the iPhone X Bentley edition. With a run of just 100 units, Gold Ace Geneva may find themselves out of stock sooner rather than later. It remains to be seen just how successful this luxury modification of the iPhone X will be, but it may turn out that there will be enough demand for a larger release.

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