Americans More Stressed by Broken Phones than Marriage Vows

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Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices, released research highlighting Americans’ complicated relationships with the smartphones we rely on so much in our daily lives.

Although phones now act as everything from our banker to our grocer to our therapist, Americans don’t seem very appreciative. People are breaking up with, or simply just breaking, their phones left and right. In fact, two-thirds of Americans are planning on ditching their current phone for a newer model this holiday season. But with over half of Americans having broken at least one phone, they should add treating it better to their New Year’s Resolutions.

While our own hearts break along with our phones (the research shows that people consider a broken phone to be more stressful than major relationship decisions like moving in together or getting married), there’s no end in sight to the trail of broken phones we leave behind us. Sometimes the damage comes from too much alcohol, sometimes “the dog did it”, sometimes the cause is even more extreme (check out this video sent by a tech21 customer who dropped his phone out of a helicopter!) but the fact is, many Americans are failing to give their phones the love they deserve:

Where’s the Love?

  • Over half of Americans have broken at least one phone to-date, with 12% saying that this was more stressful than getting married or going on a first date
    6% have even broken 5 or more times!
    66% of Americans are planning to ditch their current phone for a new model this holiday season with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus the most sought-after models

The Breaking Point

  • 13% of those who have broken a phone did it within the first three months of its life
    Younger people are – unsurprisingly! – the most likely to have broken a phone with 64% of 18-24 year-olds and 66% of 25-34 year-olds having broken at least one phone
    For 24-34 year-olds, 18% have broken more than 4 phones!
    12% ranked breaking a phone as the most stressful thing to happen to them, compared to just 11% on getting married or moving in with their significant other, or 7% on going on a first date

Who’s to Blame?

  • 80% of Americans claim clumsiness is to blame for broken phones with a few (4%) even giving the classic “my dog ate it” excuse!
    Women are nearly twice as likely to blame a child for breaking their phone (11% to 7%)
    Men are nearly twice as likely to break their phone when drunk (8% to 4.5%)
    Young people (18-24 year-olds) are the most likely to break it while exercising (12%)

How to Prevent Phone Stress?

Use protection! Tech21’s full range of cases are guaranteed to give your phone the love and protection it deserves. Using a unique 3-layer impact absorption system and its proprietary material, FlexShock™, tech21 cases are designed to protect drop after drop. Each innovative design is subjected to rigorous testing (the methodology was developed in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory), where cases are drop tested 20 times. This ensures durability and long-lasting protection so that users can drop more and care less.

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Methodology Details

This survey was commissioned by tech21 and conducted by Survata, an independent research firm in San Francisco. Survata interviewed 2020 online respondents between October 09, 2017 and October 10, 2017. Respondents were reached across the Survata publisher network, where they take a survey to unlock premium content, like articles and ebooks. Respondents received no cash compensation for their participation. More information on Survata’s methodology can be found at


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