iPhone 8 Specs: Everything We Know So Far

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The iPhone 8 will undoubtedly be one of the smartphone highlights of this or any other year. Apple is expected to produce a revolutionary device to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range, meaning that the iPhone 8 specs should be the most exciting in many years. So what can we expect from this smartphone? Here is all the latest on this Apple flagship.

iPhone 8 Specs


Firstly, Apple is expected to significantly redesign the iPhone concept when the iPhone 8 is unveiled. In particular, the front panel of the iPhone 8 will be dominated by a large, wraparound display, which will result in the bezels of the device being severely slimmed down from previous releases. A glass and aluminum design has been anticipated, and Apple may also embrace the curved screen technology that has proven so popular in the Samsung Galaxy series.


Undoubtedly the most important of the iPhone 8 specs will be the new screen, with Apple introducing OLED technology for the first time in the forthcoming generation. It is probable that the 5.8-inch screen will also deliver Quad HD resolution. This will make the iPhone 8 the largest smartphone in terms of screen real estate in the history of the series, while the move into Quad HD will also be a first.


Of all iPhone 8 specs, it seems that the camera included in the device will be one of the most significant, if recent report are to be believed. It appears that Apple will particularly focus on the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 8, including a dual-camera that will deliver outstanding low-light shooting.

It is also believed that the camera in the iPhone 8 will deliver augmented reality functionality, which will be useful for both security and gaming purposes. Recent reports have focused on a 3D unit that will be included, which is sure to be a focus of Apple marketing when the smartphone is unveiled.

Face-scanning technology will thus be included for the first time, improving the security aspect of the iPhone 8 generation.


While early indications on iPhone 8 specs wouldn’t be expected to include the sizing of the device, a report from The Inquirer suggests that the size of the smartphone will be 71 x 143 x 7.4mm. This can be considered a rather dainty design considering that the size of the iPhone 8 screen will be increased so measurably.

Wireless charging

It is also widely anticipated that Apple will introduce wireless charging to the iPhone series for the first time whether the iPhone 8 hits the stores. One of the most exciting iPhone 8 specs is the 15 feet of wireless charging capability that this smartphone will reportedly deliver. Apple will achieve this with a unique new technology, which is widely expected to debut in the iPhone 8.

Home Button embedded

When Apple unveils the iPhone 8 and it delivers a device with the Home button removed, it can be considered one of the least surprising revelations in smartphone history. It is now a racing certainty that the Home button will be embedded in the display of the iPhone 8 screen when it is released, meaning that touch-related functionality will become even more important than in previous generations.


A new A11 chip will be among the iPhone 8 specs that will generate buzz, although Apple is expected to stick to a quad-core unit in this generation. Nonetheless, this will be the niftiest and speediest processor that Apple has ever included in a mobile device, which should ensure that the slick functionality of the iPhone range is retained once more, despite the increased screen resolution.


If there is one element of the iPhone series that has been perpetually criticized, it is the lifecycle of the Apple flagship. While Apple has achieved a level of customer loyalty that is unparalleled in any aspect of consumer electronics, it surely has to respond to criticisms in this area if it is to retain consumers.

With this in mind, the iPhone 8 should receive a much larger battery than previous previous releases in the iPhone range. Early suggestions have been that this cell will exceed 3,000 mAh in capacity.

Network performance

Another exciting feature linked with the iPhone 8 is support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps. This would make the iPhone 8 a lightning fast performer, and would only whet the appetite of Apple fans even further ahead of its release.


Not all iPhone 8 specs will be improved over the previous generation, and the consensus of opinion is that the storage in the device will remain the same as last year. This means that there will be a maximum quantity of 256GB, while the inclusion of micro SD is also unlikely.


Reports in the media have suggested that the iPhone 8 will retail at a price tag in excess of $1,000. Perhaps some of the more affordable models could come in at under this psychologically important level, but consumers will still need to make a serious investment in order to get their hands on this handset.

Release date

While there has been some debate over the release date of the iPhone 8, the likelihood is that Apple will stick to the September window that has proved successful previously.

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