iPhone 8 Rumors: Wireless Charging, OLED Display, Advanced Biometrics

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If there’s one birthday/anniversary party we’re looking forward to in 2017, it has to be that of Apple’s iPhone. Next year will mark 10 since the tech giant launched its smartphone, and because of that, high expectations surrounding the iPhone 8. Already talked about by the rumor-mill, this iPhone, according to those who know, will be a game changer, a disrupter, a piece of technology that will change the smartphone scene forever.

iphone 8 rumors

iPhone 8: what you need to know

As it stands right now, the iPhone 7 is the most recent device, and Apple desperately wants it to be a success. Furthermore, all of these speculations about an iPhone 8 are unsubstantiated rumors; Apple has neither confirmed nor denied its existence. However, unless the Cupertino-based giant aims to scrap its line of handsets, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that next year we will see additions.

We were already reporting on these iPhone 8 rumors months before the iPhone 7 was announced. And while we were among the first, there’s a good chance it started months earlier. So with the celebrations probably already in the planning process at Apple HQ, let’s have a look at the latest rumor talk.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Wireless Charging, OLED Display, Advanced Biometrics

Wireless charging technology

According to Pocket-lint, Foxconn, one of Apple’s main production partners, has been working on wireless charging modules. And while this tech didn’t seem to be overly innovative, considering that plenty of Android handsets can wirelessly charge, a new related rumor has emerged which suggests that Apple wants the iPhone 8 to feature a new wireless charging technology, one that would enable an iPhone 8 to be charged up to 15 feet from a plugged-in transmitter.

How would this work? According to this rumor, Apple is collaborating with a company called Energous to incorporate this next-gen charging tech into the iPhone 8. A small chip which would be embedded into the handset would connect wirelessly to a base station. It is this that enables the distance of 15 feet to be reached; in fact, there can be more than one base station. Imagine having multiple stations strategically placed around your home or office. There would never be a reason for the iPhone 8 to run low on power.

Industry watchers have been keeping a close eye on both Apple and Energous, and all of the indications are that the two companies are working together on something big. Fingers crossed that this turns out to be true!

OLED display

Now you may be thinking, that there’s nothing new about this rumor, and you’d be right; however, the nature of 2017’s iPhone reveal and the apparent slowdown in iPhone sales merit change. Apple has been using LCD panels in its iPhone lineup, so switching to OLED would be of huge importance.

Ironically, Apple already uses OLED, the Apple Watch has it, and so does the new MacBook Pro in its Touch Bar. So if there’s going to be a change, you can expect Apple to make it reach the iPhone.

To back this rumor up, a recent report from AppleInsider talked about how J.P.Morgan had looked through Apple’s 10-K filling and came across purchase orders from Samsung. J.P.Morgan believes that Apple and Samsung have struck a deal for the Korean company to supply OLED panels for the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Wireless Charging, OLED Display, Advanced Biometrics

Advanced biometrics

Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, knows a thing or two about how Apple operates. Earlier in the year, many news outlets reported on iPhone 7 information he provided, and the majority was accurate. Now the soothsayer has the iPhone 8 in his sights, and he’s suggesting it could benefit from a suite of biometric sensors.

What could these be? Think tightened security, such as facial recognition, and iris scanning. Kuo has not cared to elaborate on these features, but it’s widely believed that they are security layers.

To add some doubt to the iris scanning feature MacRumors, published an article which talked about how this tech would not be ready until 2018. However, to give it some weight, Apple has publicly stated that it is sourcing iris scanning chips from Taiwan-based Xintec.

10-nanometer A11 chip

Apparently TSMC has already started work on an A11 chip for Apple. Based on a 10-nanometer production process, it is widely believed that it will make it to the iPhone 8. The chips will be sent to Apple in the first quarter of 2017 for validation, and it is thought that TSMC has secured all the required orders for the A11 chip.

Final thoughts

With the iPhone 8, Apple is expected to deliver something that will “wow” the market and mark the 10th anniversary in style. However, it is facing a lot of competition from rival companies that all have something to prove, one of which is Samsung. If it ever had a need to produce something spectacular, it’s now. Thanks to the failure of the Note 7, Galaxy Note 8 rumors are already around, and this device could be out earlier in 2017 and beat the iPhone 8 to the punch.

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