iPhone 8 Is Code-named Ferrari, According To Leaked Documents

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Thanks to a Weibo user who has managed to leak documents to his social media account, we now know that Apple is referring to its next top-of-the-line smartphone as Ferrari. We think this is the internal code-name for what could be 2017’s OLED-sporting iPhone 8. But wait; there’s more. The leak also mentions two LCD iPhones.

iPhone 8 / Ferrari leaks and rumors

We know that the above just confirms what rumors are already suggesting. However, this leaker has a history of providing accurate information when it comes to Apple products. So it’s worth exploring what the documents contain.

According to the documents, Apple will launch three new iPhone models in 2017, and there is a code-name for each one, starting with the LCD handsets. They are D20, D21, and D22; however, the document later refers to the D22 as Ferrari. So we and almost everyone else infers from this that the latter will be the high-end iPhone 8.

Additional information gathered from this leak also suggests that Apple may for the first time drop the price of the iPhone. The notes that have been seen refer to the iPhone 7s series and suggest that a lower starting price for them could help Apple gain market share.

red iphone 8
Image Source: 9to5mac

D22, iPhone 8, Ferrari with AMOLED bezel-less design

It has long been rumored that the next top flagship from Apple will get an all-new design that will attract new users and prevent the leakage over to Android.

We’re now starting to see reports from other well-known leakers who have also bee accurate with previous predictions. One such source comes from the Korean Herald, in which it states that the iPhone 8 will feature curved OLED panels that could be supplied by Samsung and maybe even LG, although it’s entirely possible that Apple has spoken to many manufacturers that have developed curved displayed handsets.

If this leak/rumor is accurate, it will mean that Apple can finally remove the bezels from its handset. That will mean that its display can take up a larger proportion of its surface area, meaning that the rumors surrounding the moving of the Home button, Touch ID sensor and camera to beneath the display may be true.

iPhone 8 two part motherboard
Image Source: Weibo.com

New logic board design slims down the iPhone 8

Another leaked report mentions a new internal design for the next iPhone. This report suggests the logic board will be divided into two parts connected via a cable. The two parts will reportedly each house different chips: one with the A11 Fusion, plus NAND flash storage, and the second with chips for cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

Augmented reality

According to Mashable, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a big fan of AR.

In fact, he’s such a big fan of it that earlier this year, he told The Washington Post: “I think AR [augmented reality] is extremely interesting and sort of a core technology.”

Cook apparently has a team already looking into this space behind the scenes. Does this mean that AR is coming to the iPhone 8? It would be an interesting idea that would attract many new users and developers who could build new AR experiences for iOS apps.

Advanced smart touch sensor technology

One rumor which has people excited surrounds the sensor technology which could be incorporated into the iPhone 8. Apparently, Apple is looking to make its handsets stand out from Samsung’s by including technology which, when touching the sides of a handset, wakes it. Right now, there is no further information on what this technology is or will be called, but watch this space because as soon as we know more, so will you.

Made from glass with aluminum frame

Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst who likes to predict Apple’s movements, has had a lot to say recently about the next iPhone, so much so that his reputation since the iPhone 7 launch has rocketed skywards due to his accuracy. In a recent prediction, he suggested that 2017’s top-end iPhone will be made of glass. Other reports have backed up this opinion, suggesting that Apple will ditch the metal back design for an all-glass and aluminum frame.

Whatever Apple delivers next year, it has to be a step up on what is already available. Many current iPhone owners who skipped the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the hopes of something better this year will surely not tolerate another year in which Apple fails to deliver anything truly game-changing. So if there ever has been a time that Apple needs to pull out all the stops, it’s now because its reputation is on the line.

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