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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus: The Difference

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Rumors abound that Apple is contemplating not two, but three new iPhone 7 handsets for 2016. This speculation comes hot on the back of the unveiling of the iPhone SE, meaning that there could be four new iPhone devices released before the end of the calendar year. The three new iPhone 7 units in question are the standard iPhone 7 smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus phablet, and the newly rumored iPhone 7 Pro.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus: The Difference
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However, despite the strong murmurings that Apple will indeed produce an iPhone 7 Pro before the end of the year, this particular device is certainly not confirmed. After the success of the phablet-sized iPhone Plus range, it is a certainty that Apple will update the larger of the two regular iPhone 7 units, and a smartphone-sized release is also inevitable. But although analysts have suggested that Apple is contemplating a third smartphone it to accompany its regular releases, we cannot consider this to be an absolute concrete proposition at this point in time.

What can be said is that virtually all of the rumored iPhone releases from the last few years have ultimately come to fruition. The Apple Watch was one of the worst kept secrets in the history of consumer electronics, and the unveiling of the iPhone SE finally confirmed a device that had been widely rumored for 12 months previous to this.

So it is likely that the iPhone Pro will emerge eventually, whether or not this is in 2016. But what can we expect from the three iPhone devices when they are finally released?

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is really the template for the entire range, being the base model of the series that is intended to attract the majority of consumers. The specs and features that are included in this device will be readily transferable to the other handsets in the range, and thus it is most informative and illustrative to examine this smartphone first.

It seems probable that Apple will freeze the iPhone 7 screen at 4.7-inches, as including massive displays in its products does not fit Apple’s typical approach. Indeed, an emphasis on screen quality has not really been a major priority for Apple, with the resolution of the iPhone range significantly smaller than that of competing smartphones. It hasn’t prevented the iPhone from becoming the most iconic electronic device in the world, and by far the market-leading smartphone, begging the question of whether the obsession with higher screen resolution is really worthwhile or valued by the general public.

Nonetheless, Apple is reportedly considering improving the screen resolution of the iPhone 7 to full HD for the smartphone version of the series.

Camera upgrade

Elsewhere, the camera technology included in the iPhone 7 will certainly be significantly upgraded, as Apple must respond to the recent release of the Galaxy S7, which included the innovative dual-pixel technology. This new system enabled Samsung to produce a smartphone which delivers superior shooting in darker conditions; a perennial difficulty for smartphones in general. Apple must now respond to this by improving the iPhone 7 camera, as the range has certainly fallen behind the Galaxy series in this regard.

Numerous possible camera specifications have been linked with the iPhone 7, but the most likely is that Apple will increase the megapixel rating of the snapper, while also addressing the low-light shooting problem with new technology. A professional standard DSLR camera and a unique periscope design have also been linked with the iPhone 7, but these seem to be somewhat too ambitious and ultimately unlikely to be delivered in 2016.

But the iPhone 7 is also unlikely to get the dual-camera technology that has been linked elsewhere, as this is possibly to be reserved for the phablet-sized versions of the iPhone 7.

New features

Among the new features associated with the iPhone 7 are the introduction of wireless charging, storage capacity being increased to 256GB, a focus on waterproofing and dustproofing, and the elimination of the existing headphone jack in favour of a wireless headphone system. There are many other possibilities also rumored, some of them are rather arcane and unlikely, and others more practical, but it is certain that Apple will wish to surprise people again after it unveiled the 3D Touch system last year.

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus will be larger than the iPhone 7 as usual, although it is unlikely again that Apple will extend the size of this display over previous versions. Although Samsung is said to be contemplating a six-inch Galaxy Note 6 screen, Apple usually ploughs its own furrow, and it is extremely likely that it will simply freeze the display size from previous iterations of the series. However, the iPhone 7 Plus could get a quad HD display, if Apple indeed decides to upgrade the resolution of these smartphone contenders.

Furthermore, it is possible that the iPhone 7 Plus will receive a superior camera to the iPhone 7; indeed, this has been the case in previous releases. A larger battery will also be included in the smartphone in order to power the more sizeable and detailed screen. In general, there is going to be pressure on Apple to upgrade the battery life of the iPhone 7 range, as it has been a frequent criticism of the smartphones previously.

The iPhone 7 Plus also tends to feature more RAM than the smaller smartphone version, and Apple is expected to increase this quotient this year, particular after the iPhone SE was fitted with 2GB.

iPhone 7 Pro

Not too much is known about the iPhone 7 Pro at the time of writing, and indeed the existence of the device can still be considered very much a rumor. But the number one Apple analyst on the planet has already confirmed the existence of this device, and even suggested how it will significantly differ from the phablet-sized iPhone 7 Plus.

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo will be a name is familiar to all Apple followers, and the analyst believes that the iPhone 7 Pro will feature a dual-camera camera that will distinguish it significantly from the other devices in the series. Whether Apple will cram in other impressive specs remains to be seen.

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