iPhone 7 Pro, Apple Pencil And Smart Connector Leak [PHOTOS]

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According to yet unconfirmed rumors, we already know that Apple will at some point this year announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However new rumors are suggesting that there could be a third handset in the 7 line called the iPhone 7 Pro. And recent leaks of renders and other images show that it could come with the fabled Apple pencil and Smart Connector!

iPhone 7 Pro, Apple Pencil And Smart Connector Leak [PHOTOS]

iPhone 7 Pro What You Need To Know

If you’ve not been listening or reading about all things iPhone Pro of late, in this article I am going to share with you everything I know about. That’s not an awful lot, but it will be enough to give you a heads up on what could be an Apple iPhone for enterprise.

What will the iPhone 7 Pro Look Like?

It’s quite likely that the iPhone 7 Pro is a real handset and not a figment of the rumor mills imagination, we will find out if its true is September when Tim Cook either does or does not announce it alongside the base model iPhone 7.

However, in the meantime I’m going to start with its design, it is obviously expected to look something similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Yes, I know as it stands we’ve only got rumors and supposed leaks from Apple’s production lines in China to go on. But, it is a relatively safe bet that any new iPhone’s will look virtually the same (apart from size).

If you’re looking for something a little more concret, I can share with you that Japanese magazine Mac Fan, recently shared a detailed schematic of the upcoming handset. However, it is still a leak and you should not 100 percent trust it.

iPhone 7 Pro Schematic

Also if you’d like to see full 3D renders, the well know Apple concept designer Martin Hajek has also been busy producing some stunning looking designs for the iPhone 7 Pro.

iPhone 7 Pro and Apple Pencil

Hajek, uses rumored specifications to create his designs, he has produced 3D renders for the standard 7, the Plus and the Pro as well as for other upcoming Apple devices like the Mac. One of his latest works has more in common with an iPad Pro than an iPhone, because it shows the Pro with a smart connector and the much talked about Apple Pencil.

iPhone 7 Pro, Apple Pencil And Smart Connector Leak [PHOTOS]
Source: Pixabay

Is there a market for an iPhone with a S-Pen like device? I suppose if Apple was to think there is a market for such a device then they must be right. And Hajek as a designer has an uncanny ability to predict the design of future iPhone designs. So, it maybe the case that with the Apple Pen, he maybe close to the mark again!

As for who a device with an Apple Pen maybe targeted towards, some rumors are suggesting it could be for the business enterprise crowd, working professionals have also previously showed an interest in the iPad Pro.

iPhone 7 Pro with a Smart Connector

It looks as though Hajek has been a busy bee, coming up with al sorts of different designs for Apple’s 2016 line of handsets. One such design includes a smart connector, and if you have been keeping up with current rumors, you will be aware that this has become pretty standard news of late. With everyone including the milkman predicting an iPhone 7 Pro with a smart connector.

As to what extra functionality a smart connector could give an iPhone 7 Pro, on the iPad pro it is used for connecting external devices like a keyboard. So it’s not far from the realms of possibility that this new iPhone could if this render and other rumors are correct have a keyboard and the likes of the Apple Pen connect to it via this connector.

Release Date

I don’t expect anything different from Apple with the launch of this handset. Rumors a month or so ago, suggested that next weeks WWDC 2016 would be the place Apple would choose to launch its new range. However, since then (with no official notice) rumors have switched to Apple sticking with it’s usual September announcement plans.

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