iPhone 7 price, colors and pre-order – last minute details

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Ahead of the upcoming launch of the iPhone 7, I am going to give you some valuable information to arm you before the launch. At this point before the launch of a new Apple device the internet is in a frenzy with people looking for information. So here I am going to give you everything you need in one place: price, color, and pre-order information.

iPhone 7 Price

It has been speculated that Apple will drop the 16GB storage option this year and instead go with 32GB. If that is the case, it could bump up the starting price of the handset. However, the tech giant is expected to stick with price points that have been seen with previous generations.

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Here’s what many believe the price will be in a selection of different countries.

iPhone 7 price in India
The 7 will cost more in India than in the U.S., even after accounting for the currency exchange rates.

iPhone 7: INR 52,900 (32GB), INR 60,900 (64GB), INR 70,900 (128GB)
iPhone 7 Plus: INR 70,900 (32GB), INR 78,900 (128GB), INR 88,900 (256GB)

iPhone 7 price in the USA
Will Apple bump up the prices in the USA this year? We haven’t got long to find out. However, these are the widely rumored prices for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iPhone 7: $709 (32GB), $749 (64GB), $849 (128GB)

iPhone 7 Plus: $809 (32GB), $849 (128GB), $949 (256GB)

iPhone 7 Price in the U.K.
As I mentioned earlier, these prices are only what others have suggested they will be. Apple has not officially announced the pricing yet, so please take this with a grain of salt.

iPhone 7: £589 (32GB), £649 (64GB), £729 (128GB)
iPhone 7 Plus: £679 (32GB), £729 (128GB), £819 (256GB).

iPhone 7 price, colors and pre-order - last minute details

iPhone 7 colors

According to a recent report in the Japanese publication Mac Otakara, there will be five color variants of the 7 available, one of them being the gorgeous “Black Gloss.”

What you should remember here is that Apple has not officially announced anything about the handset. So you should take this with a grain of salt. It has previously been reported that Apple will remove “Space Gray” from its color lineup. However, it is now believed that Apple will keep “Space Gray” as an option alongside new colors. One of these new colors is a variant of black called “Flat Black,” and the other is the previously mentioned “Black Gloss.”

As for the other colors, it is thought that Apple will stick with “Rose Gold” and “Gold.” However, time will tell, with the handset due to be launched by Apple within the next few hours.

iPhone pre-ordering

Last year, Apple had a helpful “Get ready to pre-order” tab on its site that allowed you to add your details and when the iPhone became available, you could speed through the checkouts process quickly. Whether it will have the same process set up this year, I do not know, but details should become clear within the next few hours.

UPDATE: As for when it will be available for pre-order, Apple says the new phone will be available for purchase on September 16, though preorders start today.

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