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iPhone 7 Colors: Rose Gold, Space Black And Gold Mockups Showcased

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There is a new video, which is showcasing three different color variants of the next Generation iPhone 7. The video surfaced a few days ago on YouTube and shows the three handset mockups featuring the colors of Rose Gold, Gold and Space Black. At this point, you may be thinking “That’s nothing new” and you are correct, however, this video shows the iPhone 7 Rose Gold and the other colors in much more detail than we’ve seen before!

iPhone 7 Colors: Rose Gold, Space Black And Gold Mockups Showcased
Source: Pixabay

iPhone 7 Color Variants

While the conversation about the iPhone 7 and its possible colors is nothing new, its possible features have long been a source of interest around the rumor mill. As for the color “Space Black”, you can find references to it dating back to months ago. However, there has not been a consensus on whether this new color variant would be something Apple would consider or if it was even possible.

In fact, I can remember the rumors that were around pre-Space Black. They suggested that Apple was going to replace what has become the traditional Space Gray color with a Dark Blue iPhone 7. And from the mockups I saw at the time, I thought it looked amazing, but that rumor was quickly replaced with the Space Black color.

The Merry Go Round

At this point, I could bluntly just tell you what happened after that, but I think you’ve already guessed?… The rumor mill did a complete 360 and switched all the way around back to the Space Gray, meaning that Apple would indeed stick with the colors it knows Rose Gold, Space Gray and silver the exact same colors that are available for its previous devices!

However, if you watch the video the “Space Black” iPhone 7 looks much darker than the iPhone 6s Grey handset, but it is well documented that Apple has used different shades of Space Gray as well as black slate!

So, where does this leave us? I would say, it leaves us none the wiser. What do you think?

iPhone 7 Handset Variants

It has widely been reported that Apple will introduce three new variants of the iPhone 7 possibly in September. These variants could be the standard iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

As for what the differences will be, it is expected that the base model will come with a smaller than useful (in my opinion) 4.7-inch display and the Plus and Pro handsets coming with more healthy 5.5-inch displays.

RAM and Storage Capacities

Whilst the rumors that have been suggesting that the iPhone 7 may look not much different than its predecessor, it is possible that the rumors about an upgrade in RAM and storage capacities are true.

As for what they will be, there’s obviously been no official word from Apple. However, it is widely believed that the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro will come with at least 3G RAM and both feature the much talked about dual-camera setup.

Moving on to storage, it was reported in June by a source that claimed to be close to Apple, that it had decided to do away with the 16GB starter models with the iPhone 7. And instead, would offer a base storage capacity of 32GB and top line capacity of 256GB.

Final Thoughts

Before I end this iPhone 7 update, there are some other features on the iPhone 7 in the video. Such as the handset having a protruding camera and it is clear that the Antenna bands have been repositioned. Furthermore, it looks as though there is no headphone jack and it has four speaker grills plus a smart connector.

So, when people suggested that there is not going to be much difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s. I would say that maybe not so much with regard to design, but as for feature changes, there could be many.

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