iPhone 6S And 6S Plus: Here Are The Latest Rumors

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As Apple continues to work on its future smartphones behind the scenes, it looks increasingly likely that the consumer electronics giant will release an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during 2015. So here ValueWalk assesses the latest rumors and information regarding this significant mobile release.

iPhone 6s – processor

The iPhone 6 Plus was a pretty successful phablet release for Apple, but the Cupertino-based company might be looking to significantly upgrade the internal specifications of the device when the iPhone 6s Plus is released. A new processor has been particularly mooted for the device, and this is likely to be a brand new A9 chip. Leaks regarding this particular device suggest that it is 15 percent smaller, 20 percent more powerful and 35 percent more power efficient than the Apple A8 processor.

In order to ensure that it runs particularly effectively, Apple is also expected to double the amount of RAM contained in the device to 2 GB. When this extra random access memory is combined with the powerful new chip included in the handset, it should ensure that the iPhone 6s Plus is a very powerful phablet.


Another major rumor linked with this Apple smartphone release relates to the corporation significantly upgrading the camera included in the device. There have been some particularly eye-catching suggestions related to this aspect of the iPhone 6S, with some sources suggesting that Apple could even arm its mobile with a professional standard DSLR camera. Reports have also emanated from close to the Apple supply chain that have linked the corporation with releasing a unique periscope design snapper.

These rumors were further catalyzed when Apple purchased LinX, an Israel-based camera technology company, for an estimated $20 million. LinX is particularly associated with producing such DSLR snappers for mobile devices. However, many analysts have suggested that this would be far too ambitious for Apple to achieve, and we should thus not expect this technology to appear in an iPhone during 2015. If there is to be a revolutionary camera included in the iPhone range, it is more likely to be held back for the iPhone 7 in 2016.

Thus, a relatively simple upgrade to the megapixel quotient of the camera to around 12-megapixels, and a focus on improved low-light shooting is far more likely.


Another area of concern for Apple is the battery life of the device, with many customers and critics suggesting that the iPhone 6 performed pretty poorly in this department. Naturally the aforementioned chipset will have a significant influence over the power efficiency of the unit, but Apple will probably also include a larger battery in the device as well.

Some sources have suggested that this could result in the iPhone 6s phablet featuring a battery in excess of 4,000 mAh. However, a more moderate 15 percent increase on the 2,915 mAh unit included in the iPhone 6 Plus would seem to be more likely. Coupling this 15 percent larger battery, with efficiency improvements would ensure that the battery life of the device was significantly improved, even if Apple does increase the specifications of the iPhone 6s display.


Speaking of which, the display is obviously a central aspect of every smartphone, and the iPhone is no exception to this rule. Apple has significantly fallen behind Samsung in recent smartphone releases, and with the Korean rival of Apple apparently contemplating a 4K resolution device in the near future, there have been rumors that Apple will consider the same for the iPhone 6s.

However, considering that there hasn’t even been a full HD smartphone-sized iPhone yet, and that we haven’t seen a quad HD phablet from the corporation either, it is far more likely that we will see modest increases in screen resolution. Nonetheless, the prospect of a quad HD resolution iPhone 6s Plus, and a full HD iPhone 6s smartphone will certainly be an attractive one to aficionados of the iPhone series.


It has also been suggested in some quarters that Apple could introduce a 256 GB version of its smartphone when the iPhone 6s is released. This would naturally go hand-in-hand with the Beats music service that is expected to be confirmed during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco in the next few days.

However, it would be a challenge for Apple to double the storage size of its premium model, and it is probably more likely that the highest storage quotient in this generation of the iPhone will be 128 GB.

Force Touch

Finally, reports have suggested that Apple will include Force Touch in the iPhone 6s, after it recently made its debut in the Apple Watch. This function enables users of the Apple Watch to access certain features and functionality via various types of the device. This would be a natural innovation for Apple to include in the iPhone 6s, particularly as it is intending to strongly push its Apple Pay mobile payment system in 2015 and beyond.

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