iPhone 5 Mockup Creates Buzz At IFA 2012 In Berlin

iPhone 5 Mockup Creates Buzz At IFA 2012 In Berlin
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There are always rumors and news leaks surrounding Apple products. People have always wondered what a new device would look like and what will be the added features. Now a full-fledged mockup of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 has been unveiled by a major case and cover manufacturer at IFA Berlin.

iPhone 5 Mockup Creates Buzz At IFA 2012 In Berlin

The mockup has some of the expected features on the new model, such as a larger 4 inch screen, aluminium back cover, smaller dock connector, and headphone jack on the bottom edge. The replica was first reported by GSMIsrael and the photographs were taken by The Verge.

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The Verge reported that the mass production of covers and cases has already started, and within a week they will be on the retailers’ shelves. Apple has announced nothing about it officially, but the case manufacturer is confident enough about the design to start producing accessories for the upcoming iPhone.

Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, also gained some eyeballs with the release of its Galaxy Note 2. But analysts expect that the Galaxy Note 2 will soon be overshadowed with the launch of next-gen iPhone, which is anticipated to hit the market on September 12.

The competition in the smartphone market has become extremely fierce after Apple won the patent battle against Samsung. Samsung has aggressively launched many devices to maintain its foothold on the market. The battle has also created some opportunities for other phone makers, including Nokia, Motorola Mobility, and Sony. Recently Sony launched a new range of Xperia smartphones amid much fan fair. Nokia and Motorola are also planning to launch their new devices in the heated market.

A video of the iPhone 5 has also been released by GSMIsrael.

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