iPhone 5 May Have A Thinner Design and Slightly Longer 4 Inch Screen

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iPhone 5 May Have A Thinner Design and Slightly Longer 4 Inch Screen

Image courtesy from iLounge

And the iPhone 5 rumors keep coming! The latest rumor reports that the next-generation smartphone will feature a thinner design, metallic backside, smaller rounded dock connector, a rear case with a centrally located metal panel and slightly longer 4 inch screen.  This report comes from Jeremy Horowitz, editor of iLounge.

Horowitz also speculates that the iPhone 5 could be made partially of Gorilla Glass 2 for the same strong design while providing a sleek style that’s synonymous with Apple.

If this rumor is true, the iPhone 5’s new design(most particularly the length) would require applications and games to readjust to match the screen size. Additionally, the phone’s new dock connector is smaller(just slightly larger than the bottom speaker) and would obviously require a smaller charging connector.

Yesterday we reported another rumor that the iPhone 5 could feature a SIM card tray that looks very similar to the card holders for iPhones 4 and iPhone 4s. And a week or so before that, there was another rumor that the iPhone 5 would feature a liquid metal design.

We all know the iPhone 5 will most likely come out sometime this year but this speculation is really based on history and not a rumor- the iPhone 4s rolled out last October. Everything else is really just a rumor. Since this rumor came from iLounge, a website that’s sometimes reliable, there is a possibility that this rumor is true.

Rumors for the iPhone 5 have been popping up in the last few month but so far, none of them have been confirmed.

Two months ago, iLounge also mentioned that Apple was creating a new case for the iPad. This case would be designed to protect the front screen and aluminum back panel.  Although the source for this rumor was credited from a supposedly reliable source, it has yet to be confirmed.

With all these rumors regarding Apple’s next generation of smartphones, it probably means we’re  closer to hearing an official announcement from Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook.

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