iPhone 5: From Rumors To Reality [INFOGRAPHIC]

iPhone 5: From Rumors To Reality [INFOGRAPHIC]
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In less than five hours the Apple enthusiasts around the globe will finally know all the juicy details about Apple’s showcase device iPhone 5. ValueWalk has designed its own infograph to sum up all the rumored features of technology’s most anticipated product yet. One thing we know for sure is that, its going to be a smashing hit. Why? There is a whole list of analysts who think that iPhone 5 is going to break records in manufacturing and sales alike. Moving on to the specifics, iPhone 5 will be equipped with a Gorilla Glass screen, which is highly scratch resistant and feather light at the same time. Corning Gorilla glass is used in smartphones of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, among others.

The hottest feature that the king of smartphones will bring this time is the 4G LTE technology, the fastest data speed network around. The LTE connectivity surpasses its predecessors and brings faster download speeds. What we are all definitely expecting is an enhanced and catchier user interface that will mesmerize user base that hangs onto iPhone 5 primarily because of the ‘coolness’ factor. The device will incorporate Apple’s very own Retina Display technology, a feature already used in iPhone 4S and iPads. The retina display gives perfect resolution that makes you forget what pixelation is.

Among accessories, the iPhone 5 will have a more stylish set of earphones and a rumored smaller dock connector. Another rumor that began in April reported that the device will use the liquid metal technology in some of its components. We will just have to wait and see how true these popular speculations were. Apple already incorporates liquid metal in its SIM card ejector tool. if iPhone 5 expands on the use of liquid metal, we will definitely see the slimmest and the most durable smartphone yet to surface.

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Only a few mins are left and we will finally see the real thing and get rid of all the rumored features. Stay tuned!

iPhone 5: From Rumors To Reality [INFOGRAPHIC]

UPDATE: iPhone 5 is Officially Launched

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