iPad Pro 2 Concept Video Reveals, 10.5-inch Display and iPhone 7 Plus Inspired Design

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During 2016 and previous years, Apple has been slowly working its way through its product line-up redesigning and modernizing. Last year we had the iPhone 7‘s, the updated Apple Watch, Apple Pen, and AirPods. As for 2017, rumors suggest it could be the year we see a 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2, here’s what we know on the matter.

New iPad Pro 2 10.5, 12.9, and 9.7-inch on the way

There’s no shying away from the fact that Apple’s Tablet has become a little lost of late. No longer the huge seller it once was, some have suggested that Apple ditch the forlorn format. However, it doesn’t seem as though the Cupertino-based giant has that in mind. Because it’s been muted for some time, that it will release three new iPads this year.

As for what these new devices will be, one is supposedly an update to the 12-inch iPad Pro. Along with a new and affordable 9.7-inch iPad and the much rumored 10.5-inch variant. About specifications, nothing much is known; however, the iPad Pro 2 is thought to be powered by an AX10 Chip. And will have somewhere between 4GB and 6GB of onboard RAM.

Dual-Camera Setup

Another difference coming with the iPad Pro 2 can be seen straight away in the video above. Just like its smaller iPhone 7 Plus relative, Apple has decided to pack in a Dual-rear Camera. Why? Well, apparently it is one of the reasons the handset has sold so well. With many users opting for the larger iPhone because of it over the smaller of the two. As for specs, this is not official, but a 12-megapixel sensor and the ability to record 4K video are expected.

Design Inspiration

While watching the video, it becomes apparent the design for the iPad Pro 2 concept comes from iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, the designer has not only given it its own White and Wine color options. But has also gone as far as to give it the same color options as the 7 Plus, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Jet Black.

Update to the Apple Pencil an iPad Accessory

Steve Jobs may have been ideologically against Apple creating a stylus for its products. But that hasn’t stopped current CEO, Tim Cook from taking a gamble which may have paid off. The company is expected to give the pen an upgrade in 2017. Which will come in the form of a magnetic strip that will allow it to attach to an iPad. Additionally, a new sensor may appear which can be used as an eraser. Although right now it’s not known if this will be an attachment or be built straight onto it.

Launch Date

As always there is no official news about a launch date available, however, that hasn’t stopped some from speculating. Earlier this month the Chinese language site Wei Feng published a story suggesting it would launch on March 19th. This information came from one of Apple’s Asian supply partners claiming that the iPad Pro 2 would launch alongside the Apple Pen 2.

When more information becomes available one of my colleagues or I will update you on what we’ve found out. In the meantime please keep checking for updates.

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