iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Expected In The Coming Days

iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Expected In The Coming Days
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One of the great highlights for owners of Apple devices is when the iOS operating system is jailbroken by skilful developers. Yes there has not been a major new jailbreak tool release for any iOS-driven devices since October 2015, which has left many rebellious Apple fans disappointed. It is true that the Pangu Chinese team released such a jailbreak last month, but this was only for devices utilizing iOS 9.1; which would not be considered particularly valuable, and ultimately was viewed as an incremental update.

iOS 9.3 Jailbreak imminent

However, reports are brewing that the latest iOS 9.3 version will be jailbroken in the coming days, with numerous jailbreak enthusiasts apparently nearing a solution to this hallowed grail. 9.2.1 seemed likely to be released a few months ago, but Apple has instead announced a raft of exciting new features for the iOS 9.3 system, with Night Shift, enhanced 3D Touch shortcuts and an improved Notes application high on the list of developments.

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It is thought that the Night Shift in particular may have led to jailbreaking teams delaying their particular software releases, but rumors are afoot that breakthroughs will be made in the next week or so. iOS 9.3 includes the largest palette of features that Apple will include in an operating system until iOS 10 is released, and this makes it a worthwhile escapade for jailbreaking crews all over the world.

However, the situation has been complicated by the fact that the latest iOS release has experienced significant teething troubles, and thus there is already an update available for this operating system, namely iOS 9.3.1. This is effectively a window of opportunity for jailbreaking teams, though, as there are early indications that the latest update is free of any major bugs. There is obviously no point in jailbreaking operating systems which then are updated, but it seems that 9.3.1 could be the last iOS released for some time.

Apple aficionados

With this in mind, analysts believe that a major jailbreaking tool is on the horizon in the foreseeable future, and this will be anticipated hugely by Apple aficionados. It is extremely common for people who have grown up with the Apple operating system to indeed jailbreak their iPhones and other iOS-driven devices, with the jailbroken handsets offering significant advantages and freedom over the standard iPhone releases.

Apple has strongly resisted the jailbreaking of its devices, and thus it has been asserted that the golden era of jailbreaking indeed seems to be over. Apple has attempted to neuter this process by offering frequent software updates for the iOS operating system, and this has certainly reduced the effectiveness of jailbreaking teams. While users can sidestep these updates by ensuring that the iPhones are not automatically updated, this does bring with it a host of potential issues, and it does not appeal to all iPhone owners by any means.

Nonetheless, there are massive advantages to jailbreaking iPhones, with the most obvious being that it enables users to customize and personalize the appearance of the operating system. To some degree, one can understand why Apple opposes this; it has built its reputation on a physical ubiquity which attracts people all over the world. But iOS is also frequently criticized for being a considerably more buttoned-down system than the competing Android OS, and many Apple users appreciate the ability that jailbreaking offers to customize the setup of the desktop.

Adding additional features

Jailbreaking also enables Apple users to add several additional features to their smartphone devices, and these can include genuinely useful functionality such as adding protection for any software or Touch ID.

Restrictions eliminated

Another criticism of iOS is that it imposes onerous restrictions on owners of its devices, and jailbreaking helps to mitigate against this issue. Of course, many Apple users never for one second consider such problems, but those who want the sleekness and convenience of the Apple iPhone, while also having a more open system particularly appreciate jailbreaks.

It is usual for links in iOS devices to be automatically opened in the Safari browser, while if you are opening a Maps application, it is not possible to open Maps in other apps. Jailbreaking devices removes all such irritating restrictions found in the existing iPhone system, enabling users to utilize and install whatever applications are required and desired. This is probably the number one reason for jailbreaking iOS, and it does remain an attractive proposition even for those concerned about the downside of jailbreaking.

More apps, more hacks

Finally, once a device is jailbroken, it is possible to install many applications that would otherwise be unavailable. Jailbreaking also opens up many hidden features in iPhone devices, and enables users to rummage around for hidden treasures and resources contained within the iPhone. For the technically proficient, jailbreaking literally makes the iPhone into an entirely new smartphone, and thus iOS users will be eagerly awaiting the latest jailbreaking release, which could now be on the cards.

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