iOS 6 Hint: iPhone 5 To Have Smaller Dock Connector & Larger Screen

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 iOS 6 Hint: iPhone 5 To Have Smaller Dock Connector & Larger Screen

The iPhone 5 is the most buzzed about gadget of the summer, and it has yet to even be introduced. We’ve heard of many different rumors regarding the design of the sixth generation smartphone including a smaller dock connector and slightly taller display.

Yesterday, we reported that 9to5Mac created a mockup of the iPhone 5 with the rumored 640 x 1136 resolution through the iOS simulator application. They discovered that this new design will most likely have room for five complete rows of icons, instead of the traditional four. They also discovered that iPhone 5 will most likely feature a nine-pin connector, instead of the twenty-four pin connector design that’s on most current devices.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed, and we still don’t know when (or if), Apple will release the next iPhone.  It is speculated the company will officially introduce the new phone on September 12, and subsequently releasing it on September 21.

It’s interesting how so many technology websites and other sources are essentially repeating the same reports over and over again. Either they know something that we don’t, or perhaps they hope that if they keep reaffirming these rumors they might be true. The good news is that it looks like maybe Apple has a few design changes in store for their next iPhone. It’s nothing big or exciting, but it at least it’s something. The key here is too upgrade their products in technology and design. It’s obvious that these rumors are only the tip of the ice berg.  Apple is a smart company, and there is no doubt that they are keeping their best stuff under wraps. All Apple fans can do right now is patiently wait for what’s next.

One piece of information we do know as Apple recently confirmed it, iOS 6 will not feature  YouTube application.

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