How To Install Kodi 17.1 On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

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The good people over at Kodi have recently released the final version of their popular media management tool Kodi 17.1 Krypton. And with it comes a slew of new updates aimed at fixing bugs that were causing issues for its users. Now that this update is ready, it is downloadable for iOS 10 users and can be installed without a jailbreak. Today, we’re going to tell you how to do that. However, before we jump straight in, let’s have a look at what is needed first.

Kodi 17.1 Requirements

If you’re not familiar/never heard of Kodi, it’s a media management system which has its roots dating back to the first Xbox console. Since, then it has evolved to be a stand-alone piece of software used the world over to manage, movies, music, images, video, and games. All in one easy to manage interface, which is highly customizable and continues to evolve.

Now if you would like to try out this useful piece of software on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you have everything on the list below before moving on to the tutorial.

1. To start with you’re going to need a copy of the Kodi 17.1 IPA file. Download it to your computer and place it somewhere easy to find for later.

2. Next, a copy of the latest version of Cydia Impactor is required. It is available for the following computer operating systems: MacOS X, Windows, Linux 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit.

3. Finally, for this requirements list, update your copy of iTunes to the latest.

How To Sideload Kodi 17.1 Onto iOS 10

As with all of our tutorials, this latest will guide you through the procedure of sideloading the software without a jailbreak. After which you will be able to see for yourself what all the worldwide fuss is all about. Additionally, during the process, you will be required to read and repeat multiple steps. It is advised that you do so one at a time, and DO NOT act upon them unless sure of what to do.

1. With all the above requirements in place, connect your iOS 10 running iPad or iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

2, In step 2 of the requirements you downloaded Cydia Impactor, it is now needed. Find it and run its exe.file.

3. With Cydia running and your iOS device connected, it will be detected. Look for a dropdown which contains the name of your iPhone or iPad and select it.

4. In step one of the above requirements, you downloaded the Kodi 17.1 IPA File. Drag that file into the Cydia interface.

Important Apple ID Choice

5. In the following window you will be asked to enter an Apple ID. If you have a paid ID enter it now, this will prevent you having to have the app’s certificate resigned every 7-days. However, if you prefer to use a Free ID you can get one at and look for APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS, followed by clicking Generate Password.

6. When you enter either the free or paid ID, Cydia will start sideloading Kodi 17.1 Krypton onto your iOS 10 handset or tablet. You should now be patient, leave your computer and device alone while this takes place. It should take no longer than a few minutes until it is complete.

7. When Cydia’s job is done, you will discover a Kodi 17.1 icon on your Home Screen, DO NOT LAUNCH IT. Instead, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles. and look for the Kodi profile.

8. Once discovered tap the apps profile. Select it followed by Trusting the Certificate.

When step 8 above is completed, you will have a working version of Kodi 17.1 on your iOS 10 device. And be able to move forward and taste the delights that the software will offer you. Now, if we were not clear earlier, every 7-days you will (if a free Apple ID was used) have to resign Kodi. To do that follow steps 1-8 again. Now, if you think remembering them will be a problem, just bookmark this tutorial for future reference.

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