If You Don’t Read This By Sunday You’ll be in BIG Trouble Monday

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For all who forgot Sunday is mother’s day. Since the audience is mostly male, we assume you have a female (daughter, wife, mother, grandmother) who you consider dear. Even for females most of these relatives apply. But males, if you do not get your wife a present you could be in big trouble.

Any male knows women love flowers, 1800 Flowers is the best. This author used to use it all the time before he was married. Flowers delivered to the door at specified times even across long distances.

One of our female writers decided to give ideas to some of us clueless males on why women love flowers.

Girls like flowers because they make the girl feels special, flowers are delicate, soft and look beautiful. Girls thinks it just sweet when a guy gives them flower because flowers are kinda romantic. Flowers have beautiful colors and girls like colorful things flowers are feminine because girls had been trained to expect that! Flowers symbolize romance and affection Whether it’s Birthday, an anniversary,valentines day, mothers day or any special  day.. Giving flowers is one of the best things you can bring for a girl. – Sydra Farooqui

For all the clueless males like myself, we offer several different pages with HUGE discounts just for mother’s day. See below, and if you do not buy, we hope you will be around Monday to visit the site. Here are a few deals:

  • Mom Deserves the Best. Show her how much you care & Save 15% this Mother’s Day at 1800flowers.com. Use Promotion Code MOMDAY15 at checkout. (Offer Ends 05/13/12)
  • Buy 2 & Save $15 this Mother’s Day at 1800flowers.com with a minimum combined merchandise spend of $69.98. Use Promotion Code BUY2MOM at checkout. (Offer Ends 5/13/12)
  • Wow Her this Mother’s Day & Save $10 on merchandise of $69.99 & up at 1800flowers.com PLUS Get a $10 Savings Pass for your next purchase. Use Promotion Code SAVE10GET10 at checkout. (Offer Ends 05/13)
  • WOW MOM this Mother’s Day & Save $15 on merchandise of $79.99 & up at 1800flowers.com. Use Promotion Code MDAY79 at checkout . (Offer Ends 05/13/12)

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