iBillionaire Launches New App To Follow Buffett, Icahn, And Others

iBillionaire Launches New App To Follow Buffett, Icahn, And Others

If you’re the kind of person who follows the stock market religiously, doesn’t it make sense to also follow the most successful players in the market? A new app offers people an easy way to check how ten different billionaires’ stocks are performing, and how their own portfolios match up against the world’s best.

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iBillionaire Launches New App To Follow Buffett, Icahn, And Others

iBillionaire App

iBillionaire has recently launched an app to complement its website and let people see the real-time decisions of the billionaire investors that they follow: people like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, and John Paulson. It’s also possible to mix different ‘strategies’ so you can look at how an equally weighted Buffett-Icahn-Coleman portfolio would have performed against the market, for example.

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Anyone with more than $100 million invested in the stock market has to file with the SEC, and those filings are public, but they’re also stale documents that are difficult to parse. The real trick behind iBillionaire, founded by Alejandro Estrada and Raul Moreno, is to make that information accessible and intuitive—even to people that don’t have a background in finance.

“The billionaire’s data is finally available for everyone, in an easy to understand, and actionable format. The stock market is increasingly volatile,” says Moreno. “Investors need a tool to help them make more strategically sound and profitable decisions within this volatility.”

Push notifications

Putting out an app also allows for greater use of push notifications. Now you can find out when stocks are moving, what billionaire investors have paid for the stock on average, and how the change affects your own portfolio. Of course, an iBillionaire account works across multiple devices so that you can always check on your portfolio.

While the app isn’t a game, especially for people who use the app to help them make investment decisions, the slick interface, push notifications, and multiple opportunities for customization take some of the best lessons from app design to make investment data accessible. If you assume that the average investor has a lot to learn from the best in the business (which seems safe) then iBillionaire has a lot to offer, and even if you aren’t going to alter your investments, it’s an interesting side-by-side of ten people who have each conquered the market.

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