Howard Marks Resource Page Added to ValueWalk

Howard Marks Resource Page Added to ValueWalk

A resource page devoted to Howard Marks page has been added to ValueWalk.

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Howard Marks Resource Page Added to ValueWalk



“Markets are safer when fear balances greed, and when worry about losing money balances worry about missing opportunity. We don’t like it when fear rears its head and stocks drop, but certainly that creates a healthier environment in which to be a holder, and one which should offer better buying opportunities. Over the first part of this year (2010) it was easy to say prices had gotten ahead of fundamentals; all things being equal, that now seems less true.”


~ Howard Marks

A Renowned Financial Writers & a Billionaire
Founder and Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management LLC
Founder and Chief Investment officer for domestic fixed income of TCW Group
A Chartered Financial Analyst
A Chartered Investment Council
A member of the Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts
An Active Employee of the Investment Committee of the Edmund Safra Foundation
A member of the Southern California Regional Advisory Board (SCRAB)

  • Age: 65
  • Source: money management, self-made
  • Residence: Los Angeles, CA
  • Country of Citizenship: United States
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School; Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 2





Most of the successful investors belong to the United States of America. Howard Marks also lives at the Los Angeles City in the United States of America. Howard Marks is a full time dedicated and expert American investor .He has put a lot of effort to achieve any success in his career and work. He is a billionaire of the era. Howard Marks is a well-qualified investor. He has a background of Finance as well as Accounting and Marketing. He was more interested in Finance and Accounts and get along with Accounts and Finance related careers in his life. Howard Marks has done Bachelors of Sciences in Economics in the year 1967 from the Wharton School with specialize in Finance. After his Bachelors of Sciences, Howard Marks went to the University of Chicago where he studied further from the Graduate School of Business. In the year 1970, he completed his MBA degree with specialize in Accounting and Marketing subjects. During his MBA Howard Marks was a winner of the award of “The George Hay Brown.” Howard Marks is married to a woman named as Nancy. Howard Marks is not only a successful person in the business and an investment world but he is also a very sincere better half and an extremely caring and a concern father. They have a son to whom they have named as Andrew. His son Andrew also belongs to an investment field. He is giving his services in an investment company located in the New York City as an expert.



As Howard Marks is a finance person and has a finance background. Howard Marks was a student of finance. For reaching this point and state in his life, he has faced many hurdles and he crossed them. Handling hardships well and dedication are secrets of his successful and stable life as an investor and finance expert.



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