How To Turn On And Off The iPhone Proximity Sensor

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A proximity sensor in iPhone detects how close the screen is to your body. The phone senses your body when you bring the phone close to your ear, and the display turns off in order to save the battery. While this works great, there are always ways to get the most out of your iPhone, all thanks to the jailbreak community that keeps on coming up with super useful tweaks, most of them being free.

The brand new Always on Proximity tweak for iPhone gives user more control over the proximity sensor. The tweak allows you to quickly enable or disable the proximity sensor using an activator gesture.

How To Turn On And Off The iPhone Proximity Sensor

This tweak makes use of the Activator package from Ryan Petrich to specify a custom gesture to invoke the functionality. You can set gesture from within the Activator preferences panel in the app’s Settings.

The tweak can be used, for instance, when you place your smartphone facing the desk, the phone’s display automatically turns off. Another use is that when you put your phone in your pocket. The plus point of using this is that ultimately you will be saving some battery power.

When you enable “Always on Proximity” from the settings, the display is turned off. You can specify your own custom gesture whenever you want to enable this mode.

Since this being a free package, there’s really no harm in trying it out. Always On Proximity tweak is available  free to download from the Big Boss repository. Give it a try.

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