How To Install Incompatible Apps From Play Store On Android Device

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If you have an Android device, then sometimes you may have noticed how certain apps and games won’t install on your device and you receive the message, “This app is not compatible with your device.” Newer devices like the Nexus 4 or Galaxy S3 and S4 are mostly able to run every app, but this is not the case with older devices. So how would you install incompatible apps from Play Store on your Android device? Advanced users might do some tweaking with build.prop but not everyone is familiar with all this stuff. That’s where a new app called Market Helper can help you.

How To Install Incompatible Apps From Play Store On Android Device

Market Helper is a tool for Android that helps users  change/fake their devices to any other devices. For example, you can turn your Nexus 7 into a Samsung Galaxy S3 in just a few seconds with this app. However, this app only runs on rooted devices, so please ensure that you’re rooted before installing this app.

Spoofing helps you install incompatible apps from Play Store on your devices. For example, if you want to install Viber or any other app on your Nexus 7, switch it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’re good to go. This app can also help you change your phone’s DPI value, if required.

Here’s how Market Helper works. After installing the app, launch it. Select the device and carrier you want to change to.


Once you’re done, tap on the Activate button. Wait for some time for the process to finish.


Now, visit your Google Dashboard and you’ll be able to see the new device added to your account. That’s all you need to do. Now you can download and install any apps that you couldn’t install previously.

Just in case if you change your mind in the future and want to switch back to normal mode, select “Restore” in device list and tap on Activate button. Sometimes a reboot with WiFi/3G enabled might be required for the changes to take effect.

This app is not available at Play Store for obvious reasons, and therefore you can get it from the developer’s site.

Download Market Helper

Note: Now that you can install incompatible apps, this does not mean that those apps will work 100 percent on your device. Please do not leave negative feedback/reviews on the Play Store app’s page, as you already know that those apps were not compatible in the first place. Sometimes negative feedback really hurts the developers.

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