How To Hide Trending Articles Box From Facebook Newsfeed

How To Hide Trending Articles Box From Facebook Newsfeed

Among plethora of other changes that Facebook has made recently, “Trending Articles” is also one of the most unwanted changes. While browsing news feed on Facebook, you may have observed a small box containing trending or sponsored stories. There’s also a small arrow using which you can slide through various trending stories. Our news feed are already over loaded with various pictures, videos, game requests, apps and more and now we have this new attention grabbing addition. If you are also among the ones that doesn’t like this “Trending Articles” box, then here is how to remove/hide this box.

Remove Trending Articles Box From Facebook Newsfeed

This trending articles box is displayed randomly on Facebook news feed. If users want to see more such stories, then they can also click on left and right arrow buttons which are located at the top right side of the box.

How To Hide Trending Articles Box From Facebook Newsfeed

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To get rid of those annoying trending articles box, you can use the FB Purity addon. This addon brings many features that lets you clean up and customise Facebook, filter unwanted things and do much more. This addon is available for all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. You can get this addon from

Lets take an example of Google Chrome. After installing FB Purity extension, open your Facebook news feed. Now click on the FB Purity link from the top of the news feed to open settings box.

The settings page will look like this:

Check mark next to “Read an article / Trending Articles” and then click on “Save and Close” button.

That’s it. We just got rid of that trending articles box.

Those who don’t want to install this FB Purity extension, they can follow another alternative method which involves installing a Userscript. Let’s understand how this works.

Remove/Hide Trending Articles By Using Userstyle

You can also use this userscript which hides trending articles box. FB Purity extension offers many more features but this userscript is developed just for one purpose and that is to hide this box.

This userscript works on Google Chrome and also on Firefox. You will need to install Stylish extension or just install this userscript directly.

Try out any one method from these two and get rid of Trending articles box on Facebook !

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