How To Filter Gmail Messages By Size

How To Filter Gmail Messages By Size

Gmail is one of the best email service providers and many people stick to it instead of trying out any other email provider. Some users might complain that the storage space offered by Gmail is less, but in such cases we can find out which emails are consuming more space and delete these emails.

But the question that is, how can we find such large messages? One solution would be to use a third party email program, like Thunderbird, and then sort emails by size. Now, you can delete emails that are large in size. The only problem is that you will need to install and then configure your email address first to perform the delete operation.

But, a new search filter has been recently discovered, which allows you to find emails that are larger than the specified size. This undocumented parameter is the size. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

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How To Filter Gmail Messages By Size

In the search bar, enter: size:5000000, which means the search will find all of your emails that are larger than 5MB. This size needs to be entered in bytes and not in MBs or KBs.

If you want to find messages larger than 1MB, then enter size:1000000, or if you want to find messages larger than 10MB, then enter size:10000000.

You can also enter some more parameters to the search term by adding the keywords, email address, or name to find  exactly what you are looking for. For example, to find messages from Sam that are larger than 1MB, we can use this parameter – size:1000000 sam.

This method is not very convenient to use, as you would first need to convert the size to bytes, but you can use the above mentioned examples/parameters to find the messages that you are looking for.

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So go ahead, use this size parameter to find large emails and delete those emails to gain some more free space.

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