How to Create Private or Secret Boards on Pinterest

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If you’re on Pinterest then you know how addictive it can be as we can spend so much time browsing various pins. But have you ever wanted to create a private board on Pinterest?

This is possible by creating secret boards which can only be accessed by specific users on Pinterest. So let’s learn how to create secret boards on Pinterest, which are visible only to certain ‘allowed’ members.

1. Login to your Pinterest account and then hover your mouse over your name from the top right-side of the screen. Click on “Your Boards.”


2. Next, click on “Create a board” button.

3. From the Create a Board page, type the name, description and select a category from the dropdown box. Set the Secret toggle to Yes (as you can see in the below screenshot), and then finally, click on “Save Changes” button.


 Now that you have created a secret board, edit this board and then you can see “Who can pin” section. Simply type the name or email address to send the invitation to the user who you wish to share your pins with.

Note that secret boards are only visible to you and to anyone you invite to it, other than that, no one can view your secret boards. Currently, you cannot make an existing public board as secret and the reason for this, as per Pinterest is “because other people may have already re-pinned from your board.” However, you can make any private board as public.

With that in mind, try it out!

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