How Technology is Changing the Game for Retail Stock Traders

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With the rapid evolution of technology in the past few decades, we have seen a complete revamp of many industries, and stock trading is no exception. Stock trade markets used to be loud, busy rooms, where large groups of people were needed to convey information.

Today, a lot of these moving parts in stock trading have been replaced by technology and the internet. With their implementation, investors can do their own research in a matter of seconds, without the need to go through archives, company websites, and financial magazines to gather the information they need.

With the implementation of computer technologies in stock trading, buying and selling of stocks isn’t the only thing that has been made easier. Today, investors can also track stock movement through real-time data charts thanks to technology.

Real-time monitoring has also increased traders’ profits and brought the chance of human-made errors to a minimum. Investors can do their research and obtain accurate prices, and data in a matter of seconds, with just a click of a mouse.

In return, market changes are now moving faster than ever, which has only increased the necessity of technology when it comes to real-time monitoring of stock markets.

With the introduction of technologies, communication channels have experienced a true revolution, enabling investors to obtain necessary data immediately after its posting. Searching for information has become a lot easier thanks to technology, with the introduction of keywords, and search engines.

For instance, platforms like Discord have emerged, offering a great communication channel for stock traders. This is especially the case for Discord servers for stock trading, where they communicate with other experienced traders and gather experience, knowledge, and necessary tools to conduct profitable stock market actions themselves.

Real-time Trading Alerts

With the development of various technologies, we have seen the introduction of real-time automated stock alerts, where investors are alerted automatically for a specific technical development, such as a new week high or low.

This type of automation has helped traders immensely, where they are now able to instantly react to new events and conditions in the stock market, and thus maximize their profits, and minimize their losses.

Prior to this, investors had to do all the monitoring themselves, which was usually a boring, time-consuming job, just to be able to react in a timely manner to a stock market change. Nowadays, they can dedicate their time to other matters, while real-time alert software does its job for them.

Imagine the times when you had to be physically present at stock market exchanges, or you needed to hire a stock broker, who would conduct your trades for you for a significant fee. Additionally, you had to carry and fill out a ton of paperwork.

Now, the stock market is in your pocket, on your mobile phone, on the stock trading apps. Thanks to these developments, investors are able to access stock trading markets on the go. The need for the middleman, a broker, and their hefty commissions has been eliminated thanks to these apps, with retail investors now able to make your purchases on their own.

Trading Bots

Perhaps one of the most useful products of technology development in stock trading is trading bots. They are able to analyze all the available data in a matter of seconds and place a purchasing order thanks to the same data they obtained with more speed and accuracy than any human being.

Thanks to the introduction of algorithms, which are being constantly developed and updated by financial institutions, we now have access to trading bots that are flawless at the things they do.

Big companies are now relying more and more on trading bots, where they create specific strategies for bots to execute. In addition to trading, bots may engage in fraud detection and pattern recognition.

With the constant development of technology, and stock trading tools, trading bots have become an irreplaceable part of the stock trading market. Thanks to the advanced automation and presets, they are able to execute buy/sell orders on their own in a matter of seconds.

Most of these trading bots are based on algorithms that collect resources related to the stock market via the Internet. Thanks to this data they are able to maximize profits and minimize losses better than any human.

According to some reports, as much as 80% of trading activities on the U.S. stock exchange is done by automated platforms, which testifies to the increased usage of technology in stock market trading.


Thanks to the adoption and development of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, stock trading has become more available to potential investors, with a vast array of financial tools and apps, which make the trading process much easier.

Without these developments, we would still be doing all the trading work manually, or via a broker, which would be a much lengthier, harder, and more costly job. Storck trading bots and automated alerts are just some of the tech developments that have made the life of a trader much easier.